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Elba Acres

Property Details

Location: New Brockton, Coffee County, AL
Price: 2,715,000 2,579,250
Acres: 1,048
Type: Timberland


Elba Acres has historically been managed as a timber-producing property. In more recent years, multiple food plots have been developed and created. That, along with diverse timber types and excellent water resources, makes it prime South Alabama hunting land. The property features two stocked ponds and several sites suitable for building a cabin. Elba Acres is also well positioned for future development as it lies just off the US Hwy 84 Corridor and sits nicely between the growing towns of Enterprise and Andalusia.


Elba Acres is located in lower Alabama’s upper coastal plain region and is known for gently rolling hills and productive soils. The property is adjoined by other timbered tracts, a couple of agricultural tracts, small residences to the south, and by Brown Stagefield, a US Military Helicopter Training facility.

The towns of Elba and New Brockton are just minutes away, both providing dining and fuel options. The City of Enterprise is less than 10 miles from this tract. Enterprise offers a hospital, lodging, a municipal airport, and multiple dining and grocery options. Elba Acres is within a two-hour drive to many of Florida’s popular panhandle beaches, such as Destin, Panama City, and Ft. Walton.

US Hwy 84 is less than a mile from the property’s main access. Both I-65 and I-10 are an approximate hour’s drive from the property. For proximity to larger towns and cities, Dothan is about an hour’s drive, and Montgomery is about two.


Elba Acres features a good system of interior roads and trails that are nearly four miles long, providing access to various timber types, foot plots, and ponds. Most roads and trails require a vehicle with good ground clearance and may need 4×4 during wet periods. The tract has approximately 1,200 feet of frontage along County Road 515 and just under two miles worth of frontage on CR 513. CR 515 is a paved road, and CR 513 is a county-maintained dirt road. The tract currently has one access point on CR 515 and two on CR 513. The tract has access to power along both county roads.


Site Description

The terrain is gently rolling with elevation ranging from approximately 210 to 410 feet above sea level. Soils are productive and, as evidenced by the existing forests, are very suitable for timber production.

Bucks Mill Creek crosses the tract’s northwest corner and one of its major tributaries cuts across the mid-southern portions of the tract. In addition to the creek, there are two ponds on the property. These water resources provide excellent year-round water for wildlife. The south side of the easternmost pond is currently being used as a campsite and holds the potential for a beautiful cabin or home site.

South Alabama is known for its wildlife numbers and diversity. This tract holds good numbers of deer, turkey, and numerous nongame species. The size of this tract offers uncommon recreational opportunities, allowing long walks in nature, managing for game and nongame species alike, fishing, and a genuine feeling of seclusion.



A timber-type map is provided within the map suite. Elba Acres has a diverse collection of merchantable and premerchantable loblolly pine plantations and natural pine and hardwood timber.   Timber volumes are shown in the property report. These are maintained in a database and were provided by the current landowner. F&W Forestry Services, Inc. and the landowner do not guarantee any acreages, volumes, or product classes shared.

For timber management of plantations in this region, the typical plan is to conduct a thinning at or near age 15. This thinning will generate some timber income, but its purpose is primarily to keep the plantation healthy and grow well and help it transition into higher-value timber products such as saw timber.

Thinning will also add significant benefits to wildlife value and diversity. Thus, thinning at the appropriate time is recommended regardless of the objective.

If the objective is to maximize return on timber value, it could be made most productive by conducting a woody release and fertilizing post-thinning. It should be ready for a second thinning at or near age 21 and reach full financial maturity between the ages of 25 and 28. At this time, a final harvest could be conducted to capture its value.

If your objective is to enhance aesthetics and wildlife value, after the age of 15, thinning a prescribed burning regimen can begin every two or three years. Conducting control burns will enhance wildlife value, reduce the risk of loss to wildfire, improve aesthetics, and aid in controlling undesired species within the plantation.

While the hardwood-dominated acreage that follows the creek has marketable value, most landowners choose to leave these stands intact.
Leaving them intact protects the integrity of the stream and adds diversity to the property. This tract has a good representation of white oak within this area that produces acorns, which can provide an excellent wildlife food source during the fall of the year.



Parcel Map

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