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Wing Brook Forest

Property Details

Location: Rochester, Windsor Co., VT
Price: $198,000
Acres: 60.3
Type: Multiple Uses


Wing Brook Forest was owned and meticulously maintained by a former Windsor County forester for many years. Tall trees are the norm in this forest, with a mix of hardwoods, mainly maples, along with sections of fir, white pine, and red pine.

This property is also mapped as a deer wintering area by the State of Vermont. Stands of softwoods are especially beneficial to deer habitat. The forest’s high canopy prevents abundant amounts of snow from reaching the forest floor, making it easier for animals to find food, water and shelter.

The numerous grass covered woods roads wind their way through the forest, and circle back to the clearing at the bottom of the parcel. The clearing connects to the access road and right-of-way across Wing Brook.


This private forested parcel is located south of the town of Rochester, Vermont. Rochester is known as a hub for outdoor recreation activities, including mountain biking, hiking, fishing, canoeing, and winter sports, which are found in the nearby hills and rivers of the Green Mountain National Forest.

There are several restaurants and shops in town, and Route 100 continues past Rochester to Warren, and Waitsfield to the north, and Killington to the south. Wing Brook Forest is 3 hours from Boston, 5 hours from New York City and 3 hours from Hartford, Connecticut.


The property’s right-of-way (RoW) is located at 1913 Maple Hill Road in Rochester, Vermont. GPS will help you navigate to the property. Take a left from Maple Hill Road onto the RoW, and at the fork, keep right. When you get to the culvert crossing Wing Brook, you are on the property. Keep to this road until you get to the clearing where you can turn around.

Site Description

As seen in the property’s forest management plan, Wing Brook Forest is composed of three timber types found in different stands within the parcel. Stands 2 and 3 were formerly pasture land in the 1800s, and the forester planted white and red pine in those areas in the 1950s. Different selective cuts done over the years have allowed the trees to grow straight and tall as a result.

Stand 4 has been growing hardwoods for over 100 years, with sugar maple being the dominant species. Several thinnings have been done throughout the property in the past to release crop trees. The property borders the Green Mountain National Forest on two sides, allowing for access to even more land for outdoor activities.

This is a very well-managed piece of recreational forest land, and building a camp or house in the clearing would provide a wonderful place to relax and enjoy this property. Wing Brook is on the eastern boundary, and there are a couple of small spring-fed streams in the property’s interior.

Aside from the whitetail deer in the forest, there are also signs of moose, bear, grouse, and coyotes seen on the numerous open trails. These grass-covered woods roads allow easy access to move around the forest, with hunting, hiking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing all possible within this exceptional forest resource.

Parcel Map

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