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Upper Oswegatchie River – Old Mill Falls

Property Details

Location: St. Lawrence County, NY
Price: $120,000
Acres: 25
Type: Multiple Uses


The parcels are located in Fowler and Edwards, St. Lawrence County, New York. This location is at the foothills of the northwestern Adirondacks along the West Branch of the Oswegatchie River. The West Branch is a major tributary of the Oswegatchie, which flows into the main branch near the hamlet of Talcville. The surrounding town of Fowler (population of 2,200) is a mosaic of natural pine and hardwood forests, rural communities, and weekend cabin properties.

St. Lawrence County is the largest county in New York  State and is home to the Thousand Islands and St. Lawrence International Seaway, connecting the Great Lakes with the Atlantic. Gouverneur (population 3,949) is a 10-mile drive to the northeast along the Route 58 corridor, while Canton is a 40-minute drive to the north. Syracuse and Rochester lie within a two and three-hour drive, respectively.


The access is via a 65′ wide right of way (ROW) from Sand Road through the adjacent Property for +/-660′ in a downhill, westerly direction. The ROW follows an old mill road, a solid base for a future driveway. Once on the Property, the old road runs for another +/-1,100′ to the old mill site, falls, and rapids.

Electric power and year-round town road maintenance are +/-660′ to the north along Sand Road. The paved County Route 24 is +/-2,300′ from the ROW, allowing easy access to points beyond.

Site Description

The old mill site’s remnants today consist of various low stone and cement walls adjacent to the river and falls. The site was likely last used 80-100 years ago. An ideal building site would be within sight of the falls by the old mill site. Tall, old white pine and hardwood trees are commonly found throughout the Property.

The falls and rapids here extend the entire width of the river, crashing over exposed bedrock during lower water levels. Attractive rapids lead into the falls and continue after the falls as the water then runs downstream a short distance to the Fullerville Falls (just off the Property). Upriver from the falls, the river runs slow and deep.


Parcel Map

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