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Sumner Sanctuary

Property Details

Location: Sumner, Worth County, GA
Price: $615,000
Acres: 116
Type: Home & Land


Sumner Sanctuary is a secluded getaway in east Worth County with relaxing features, including two ponds, planted loblolly and longleaf pine, and natural hardwoods along a tributary of Ty Ty Creek and Ty Ty Creek. After outdoor adventures, kick back in the 24 x 60 double-wide for rest and relaxation.


The property is located in east Worth County, approximately 2 miles north of Sumner and 5 miles from the Tift County line. The landscape is comprised of a mix of agricultural and timber production uses. The north property boundary is a tributary that ties into TY TY Creek within the property’s eastern boundary. Tifton, Georgia, with a population of 17,235, estimated July 1, 2022, is 18 miles to the east and is located along Interstate 75. Sylvester, Georgia, with a population of 5,501 estimated July 1, 2022, is 7 miles to the west and is located along U.S. Highway 82.


The property is located on Sumner Road, a county-maintained paved road. The property has 1,650 feet of road frontage on Sumner Road. There are two driveway entrances to the property along the paved road. Internal access is good, with internal roads throughout the property. An internal road provides access from Sumner Road through the property to Ty Ty Creek. The property has power, a well, and septic for the current residence on the property.

Site Description

If you are looking for the perfect hunting and fishing getaway with timber as an income source, Sumner Sanctuary is the place you are looking for!! The property is situated in an area of heavy agricultural and timber production uses. Amenities on the property include a 2-acre residential area with a 24 x 60 double wide and two storage buildings.

Two ponds are adjacent to the residential area for recreational fishing and outdoor enjoyment. The property’s topography is relatively flat, ranging from 340 feet above sea level around Ty Ty Creek to 390 feet above sea level along Sumner Road.

The areas along Sumner Road consist of upland soils suitable for timber and agricultural production, gently dropping in elevation to lowland and bottomland soils along the tributary of Ty Ty Creek.

A significant amount of the soils on the property are also ideal for conversion to agricultural production. Soils consist of Leefield loamy sand (24.4%), Pelham loamy sand (20.0%), Tifton loamy sand (16.5%), Fuquay loamy sand (15.5%), Carnegie sandy loam (8.3%), Kinston fine sandy loam (7.3%), Carnegie gravelly sandy loam (4.6%), Dothan loamy sand (0.6%), and Pelham loamy sand (0.4%) which are all well-drained soils for all weather timber harvesting. Site index base age 50 ranges from 85 to 100, which is ideal for timber production. The site also includes water (2.2%).


The property is fully timbered, excluding the 2-acre residential area and ponds. The timber components consist of 24-year-old loblolly planted pine, 24-year-old longleaf planted pine, and natural mixed species timber stands. The planted longleaf stand is enrolled in the CRP program, which expires in 2030.

F&W Forestry Services, Inc. conducted a timber inventory in December of 2023. A total of 75 samples were placed on 105 merchantable acres to derive the merchantable timber volumes below. The statistical accuracy for the merchantable stands resulted in +/- 11.0% at the 95% Confidence Interval.

Purchasers’ management options include but are not limited to:

  • Clear-cutting the planted loblolly pine plantation to generate immediate cash from the property
  • Thinning the planted loblolly pine plantation to create initial cash flow and allowing the residual stand to grow while enhancing wildlife habitat
  • Managing the planted longleaf plantation based on the CRP contract requirements
  • Allow the bottomland hardwood areas to grow for future timber harvest and wildlife habitat.

Parcel Map

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