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Lower Oswegatchie River – Parcel 4

Property Details

Location: St. Lawrence County, NY
Price: $810,000
Acres: 588
Type: Multiple Uses


For sale are six individually offered, incredible riverfront parcels along the beautiful West Branch of the Oswegatchie River. The parcel’s river frontage provides an entire suite of river attributes – frothy, cascading falls, plunging pools, shimmering ripples, high granite outcroppings, placid flat water – there’s a little bit of everything along this stunning river frontage.

Each parcel also offers various private building sites along the river with no nearby roads, houses, or noise.


The parcels are located in the towns of Fowler, Pitcairn and Edwards, St. Lawrence County, New York. This location is at the foothills of the northwestern Adirondacks along the West Branch of the Oswegatchie River. The West Branch is a major tributary of the Oswegatchie, which flows into the main branch near the hamlet of Talcville. The nearby village of Harrisville (population 670) is a rural community along the Oswegatchie River with a full suite of amenities.

St. Lawrence County is the largest in New York State and is home to the St. Lawrence International Seaway, connecting the Great Lakes with the Atlantic. Gouverneur (population 3,949) is an 11-mile drive to the northwest along the Route 58 corridor, while Canton is a 45-minute drive to the north. Syracuse and Rochester/Albany lie within a two and three-hour drive.


The land has +/-1.4 miles of frontage along Stone Road, a seasonally maintained, graveled town road. Electric power appears to be available at the land’s road frontage but this should be verified by the buyer. Various access roads run into the land’s interior for forest management purposes. One road at the land’s southern end runs easterly 0.5 miles to near the river at
an attractive potential camp location. An access road defines the northern boundary and runs 0.55 miles to a site along the river with an existing camp.

Site Description

This parcel offers +/-3 miles of scenic frontage along the river, with many twists and turns and a mix of dry riverside bluffs and diverse forested wetlands along the shoreline. The majority of the land is generally level with dry, sandy soils. Poorly drained soils can be found in areas along the river, most of which are densely forested with hardwoods and dry much of the year.


Timber data is based on a comprehensive timber inventory, conducted in April of 2023 by the ownerships forest consultant. The timber data reveals a total per acre volume of 24.8 cords. Stumpage values were assigned to the volumes in June of 2023 by F&W Forestry, producing a parcelwide Capital Timber Value (CTV) of $573,200. See Timber Valuation in Property Report.

Parcel Map

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