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Fountains Land is a land marketing company with specific expertise in natural resources and a powerful advertising network that reaches land buyers worldwide. We have been a leader in land brokerage since 1980 with a proven track record of connecting buyers and sellers - including families, institutions and conservation organizations. Our skilled brokerage team has successfully managed both small and large sales covering nearly one million acres in over 500 transactions.

Our success is founded on one simple precept: provide superior service and property information throughout the marketing process as we assist landowners in achieving their goals in a timely manner. If you are a landowner who is considering selling your land or rural estate and would benefit from Fountains successful track record and unique expertise, please contact one of our personable, knowledgeable brokers today to get started.

Our core strengths are rooted in years of land marketing and consulting experience with a team of brokers educated in the fields of forestry and natural resources. Our brokerage and consulting services are further enhanced by our forest management business, F&W Forestry Services and the many partnerships we have cultivated with land appraisers, attorneys and financial advisors. These diverse relationships enable us to offer clients a comprehensive suite of services and expertise that is unique to land and rural estate brokerage.

Property Types Marketed by Fountains


Fountains Land has earned a strong reputation for managing large, often complex, timberland disposition projects for domestic and international owners. Our extensive investor relationships have been cultivated over decades and are enhanced by our overseas forestry businesses and partnerships. As a result, Fountains Land provides unique access to potential buyers unlike any other US brokerage firm.


Fountains Land occupies a special niche in effectively marketing parcels that serve a variety of uses, including residential development (seasonal or year-round), recreation, long-term investment and conservation. While multiple use is the focus of these properties, some may also include a timber or agricultural component.


Fountains Land also specializes in marketing larger tracts that include a house and other improvements. Marketing rural estates requires solid knowledge of the land, the improvements, and variable uses. Fountains Land successfully markets estates through its comprehensive marketing program, which is effective in reaching buyers and capturing their attention.

Detailed Marketing Proposals

In meeting our clients’ disposition goals, we identify every aspect of the property that has value – infrastructure, residences, site amenities, income/development potential, conservation opportunity, agricultural aspects and timber value - to ensure that the client can make informed decisions enabling them to capture full value at the time of sale. Prior to a landowner engaging our services we provide a detailed Opinion of Value and Marketing Proposal that addresses: 

  • Inherent and external property attributes influencing value
  • Recommendations on method of sale
  • Property valuation by comparable sales method, often supported by a net present valuation
  • Proposed sales strategy
  • Buyer pool identification
  • Marketing program
  • Demonstration of capabilities
  • Compelling Marketing Materials

Our goal is to ensure that clients are well-advised about property valuation, that their property is marketed under the best available marketing strategies and that their disposal goals are achieved within the expected timeframe. From beginning to end, the talented team at Fountains is committed to delivering value.

Market Expertise

Comprehensive Marketing

We are marketing experts and connecting with buyers is how our team sells properties and fulfills our marketing commitment. A strong internet presence with high SEO is paramount to marketing success. The Fountains Land web site, in conjunction with our many web-based marketing partners, is routinely updated to ensure we connect with buyers from around the world who are seeking the type and location of properties we offer. While most buyers are found through the internet, many still rely on traditional advertising venues. Our print marketing program remains a prominent connection to buyers, covering a broad region beyond the property’s location. Most importantly, we connect personally with our buyers, resulting in a strong following of people interested in land-based acquisitions.

Our Commitment

Effective marketing starts with providing buyers with immediate details on all they need to know about a property in a format that is informative and easy to understand. The Fountains Land brand is well known for its comprehensive property reports providing full property details supported by timber inventories and complete GIS mapping. Our reports, advertisements and online marketing feature quality photography, and, for many properties, we create a narrated video to highlight the unique attributes of the property.

Buyer Representation

While the majority of our brokerage services involve representing the seller, under special arrangement we also provide buyer representation services. In this capacity, we work closely with the buyer to understand their desired property type and utilize our extensive contacts and natural resource expertise to identify properties that meet the buyer’s criteria. This process can include developing a broker opinion of value, and if it is an investment property, a cash flow analysis or net present valuation.

At Fountains Land, we believe that quality information is the key to delivering the best value.