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Warren Mountain Road Parcel

Roxbury, Washington County, VT
Price: $225,000
Acres: 58
Type: Multiple Uses
Availability: Sold
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Site Description


This land for sale is perfect for those seeking to build a home in a private location with existing large clearing and big views. The driveway has been installed to the building site, and electric power is nearby along the paved road frontage. The lower section of the land has the Dog River running through it, which originates miles to the west near Roxbury Gap. The upper slopes approach a mountain peak where the land shares a mutual boundary with the 3,066-acre Rice-Vogt blocks of the Roxbury State Forest. Drive west over Roxbury Gap, and you arrive at Warren Village 6 miles away. The parking lot of Sugarbush Ski Area is just 9 miles from the land. Drive to the east 1.6 miles, and you arrive at the small village of Roxbury.


The land is located in the northwestern section of Roxbury Township, on the eastern slopes of the Northfield Range off Warren Mountain Road. The land sits adjacent to the 3,066-acre Rice-Vogt Blocks of the Roxbury State Forest.

Roxbury Village is 1.6 miles to the east. East Warren is 4 miles to the west over Roxbury Gap, with Warren Village 6 miles from the land, a 12-minute drive. The parking lot at Sugarbush Ski Area is 9 miles from the property.

Burlington, Vermont is a 1-hour drive. Boston, Massachusetts is a 2.5-hour drive, with Hartford, Connecticut a 3-hour drive.


The access is provided by the paved section of Warren Mountain Road, where +/-830' of road frontage exists on the road's south side. Electric and telephone service runs along the road frontage.

Internal access to the land is provided by a newly constructed driveway that runs +/-540' to a level location, with a clearing at an elevation of 1,500'. The road was built in late summer/ early fall of 2021 with ditches and culverts but will require final grading by the ownership in early spring. This road offers an excellent base for a year-round residence to serve as a driveway.

Site Description

The property is ideal for developing a year-round home given the state-maintained paved road frontage, easily developed terrain, and exiting roadside electric and phone service. 

The existing driveway ends at a newly created clearing with an elevation of 1,500', giving way to an attractive local and long view. This view includes local hills, mid-range mountains, and distant mountain peaks. The site offers a northeasterly aspect. It was formally a homestead in the early 1800s (there is a nearby stone foundation at this location). 

The headwaters of the Dog River runs through the northern tip of the land offering direct access to this year-round, clear running stream.

The elevation along the road frontage is 1,400', with the land rising just shy of a Mountain Peak at the southern end with an elevation of 2,060'. This southern boundary line is shared with the Roxbury State Forest's 3,066-acre Rice-Vogt Blocks. In this area, slopes become steep, with rock-outcrops common. The upper, eastern boundary follows a ridge, also with occasional rock-outcrops. The terrain at the western and central sections of the land offers moderate slopes which were cleared for agricultural use in the 1800s.

All of the soils are generally well-drained, and the boundary lines are marked.


The timber resource offers a mix of hardwoods and red spruce in nearly equal proportions. The majority of the forest (the mid to upper sections) have not been thinned in +/-30 years. The stems range from 35 to 80 years old in these areas, and the forest is fully stocked.

Late in 2021, the Norway spruce stand near the potential homesite was harvested, plus the areas immediately below and above were thinned. The ownership will commence standard clean-up of the clearing area and grading of the road in early spring.

Moose and black bear are common in this area given the nearby large undeveloped landscape the State Forest offers.

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