Two Sweet Sugar Maple Forests in Vermont

Fountains Land recently released two Vermont forests that would make great sugarbush properties. Both have excellent timber, well-stocked stands, sloping terrain and long town road frontage. And they both offer other possibilities including timber management, recreation and homesite development.

The biggest difference between the properties is size. Chase Mountain Forest is 1,004 acres and can support 37,000 or more taps. Harris Trust Forest is 267 acres and can support 15,000 or more taps. Chase is close to the city of Montpelier while Harris is in the rural town of Belvidere. Another important difference is that Chase Mountain Forest is protected by a conservation easement while Harris Trust Forest is not.

If either of these properties peak your interest, take a closer look on our website:

Chase Mountain Forest

Harris Trust Forest

With a little luck, you could be tapping trees next winter!