Tug Ridge Forest

Thetford, Orange, VT
Price: $137,000
Acres: 124
Type: Multiple Uses
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Site Description


Tug Ridge forest offers an excellent blend of privacy and accessibility. Set in the vibrant Upper Valley Region of Vermont and just over 2 hours from Boston, the property offers weekend getaway possibilities with attractive dining, shopping and recreational options nearby. Yet, the property is tucked away in a small village on top of ridge and surrounded by forest. There are two defined sub-lots with septic permits for cabin development; potential, long views of the Connecticut River Valley and New Hampshire mountains and plentiful wildlife for hunting and observation. If you’ve been looking for a place to get away, but not too far away, take a closer look at Tug Ridge Forest.


Tug Ridge Forest is set in the village of Post Mills within the township of Thetford in the Upper Valley Region of east-central Vermont. This area is defined by the Connecticut River that flows from several northern New Hampshire lakes all the way into Long Island Sound. The Upper Valley Region includes Vermont and New Hampshire communities such as Norwich, Hanover, Lebanon and White River Junction. The landscape includes farms and forests, quaint towns and developed strips, flat lowlands and rolling hills.

Thetford is a quiet town on the eastern edge of Vermont, with river frontage and rising hills. It is primarily a bedroom community to the local job hubs. In the neighboring town of Fairlee, and just 1.5 miles from the property, is Lake Fairlee. This scenic lake is home to summer camps, a four-season resort and a town beach. Recreation in this area is top-notch with numerous local rivers, lakes and biking routes as well as the mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire a short drive away.

The property is 24 miles from the intersection of Interstates 89 and 91, providing easy access to many points in New England. Boston is a 2.25 hour drive to the southeast and New York City is 4.5 hours to the south west.


The property is accessed by a 50’ wide, 2,290’ long right-of-way (ROW). The ROW starts on Barker Road, a gravel, town-maintained road, that turns off of State Route 113 in the village of Post Mills. The ROW begins 700 feet from the intersection of Barker Road and Route 113.

The ROW is navigable by a high-clearance, SUV-type vehicle. With some brush clearing and wash-out repair in a few spots, the road will likely be drivable by most cars. A few steep sections may be limiting.

Site Description

Tug Ridge Forest rests on an east-facing ridge on the slopes of Tug Mountain. The property is generally sloped with a few level spots on the eastern side where the access road enters and on the western side at the height of the ridge.  There are also a few areas that are quite steep.

The property is completely forested with a few breaks in the canopy here and there and along the access road. Intermittent streams flow freely and collect in areas of poorly drained soils. Bedrock protrusions are common and provide micro-topography, unique habitats for ferns and mosses and aesthetic appeal. Deer and moose sign is plentiful and other game animals likely inhabit this forest, making it an accessible hunting location.

In 2006, two sub-lots on the property were identified - one of 2.9 acres to the left of where the ROW enters the property and one of 8.3 acres on the ridgetop. Each of these lots was granted a septic permit. However, the remaining 112.9 acres, does NOT have a septic permit.

These two lots would make ideal spots for a cabin for hunting, peaceful retreat or recreational pursuits. Up on the ridge, there are potential views, with clearing, to the south and east of the Connecticut River Valley and New Hampshire hills beyond.


Field evidence indicates that the property was likely always in a forested state and not cleared for agricultural uses. The majority of the timber resource is eastern hemlock, and is well used by wintering white tailed deer. The recent 2017 forest management plan for the property delineated the property into two stand types. The larger 88 acreage, stand 1, is a softwood stand with hardwood associates. Stand 2, covering 36 acres, is a mixed-wood stand with hemlock as the main softwood species and northern hardwood and red oak accounting for the majority of the overall volume. Timber density levels for both stands are considered fully stocked. Logging last occurred roughly 13 years ago.

The forest resource offers excellent habitat for a variety of mammals and bird species with high-use evidence by white tailed-deer, moose, black bear, coyote and occasionally turkeys. The deer yard attribute provided by the high hemlock stocking offers good white-tailed deer hunting opportunity. The hard mast provided by the red oak and American beech resource offers an attractive food supply for bear and deer during the late summer months. The old legacy trees and large snags (standing dead trees) offers good habitat for owls and small mammals.

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