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TKY Acquisition

Southeast, KY
Price: $3,238,520
Acres: 3,270
Type: Timber
Availability: Available
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Site Description


F&W Forestry Services, Inc. (F&W) in cooperation with Creative Realty has been retained to market a land sale
package for TKY Acquisition, LLC (TKY). TKY is a long-term client of F&W, and we have managed these lands since
1999. The package is located within 150 miles of Lexington, KY, and is suitable for forestland investment and carbon
sequestration credits. This 3,270-acre package is in Breathitt, Clay, Jackson, Lee, Leslie, and Owsley, Kentucky, and
is commonly known as the TKY / Begley Purchase Unit.

The TKY package is offered at $3,238,520 for +/- 3,270 acres. This is an average per-acre price of
$990.52. Based on the forest inventory and current standing timber pricing the probable value of the
package is estimated to be $3,000,000 to $3,800,000 with a bare land value of $100 per acre. The
standing timber value is the significant factor in the overall asking price for the package.
In general, the property is well suited and priced accordingly as a forestland investment in the eastern
Kentucky region.

Site Description

The TKY properties are located in Breathitt, Clay, Jackson, Lee, Leslie, and Owsley, Kentucky. These
counties are east of I-75 and southeast of Lexington, KY (See Locator Map). Individual topographic and aerial maps are available upon request. The package consists of fourteen properties and is made up of twenty-one tax parcels (See Tax Acre Summary). TKY has owned these properties since 1999 and has actively managed them as a forest investment. F&W has been the forest manager since 1999 and worked with TKY to meet its goal of sustainable forest management. Forested acres comprise +/- 3,214 acres out of the total acreage of +/- 3,270. This is a very high ratio of forested to total acreage for a package this size. The total property acres are based on GIS files supplied by TKY.

TKY does not own the minerals estate. Since 1999, TKY has worked with the owners of the minerals using a Surface Damage Agreement (SDA) which was created when TKY purchased the properties. The SDA governs the interaction between the mineral owners and the surface owners. As part of the agreement, the surface owners are compensated for any disturbance by the mineral owner on a peracre basis. A copy of this agreement can be provided.


Forested acreage is all-natural mixed hardwood with varying age classes of trees. Trees generally range in age from around ten years old up to 1oo+ years old over most of the properties. The forest is fully stocked with a mix of sapling-sized trees up to mature sawtimber size trees. A portion of the properties has been selectively harvested since 1999, while the majority have been left to grow and add value.

In general, most of the properties are in rolling terrain that is very suitable for growing mixed hardwood stands to a mature and economical size. Valuable hardwood sawtimber can be grown in about a 70 to 80-year period. Most of the forested acreage has been selectively harvested at some point during the past 100 years leaving stands that are predominately oak, poplar, & hickory.

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