Tiger Hill Forest

Sebago, Cumberland, ME
Price: $1,222,000
Acres: 1,433
Type: Timber
Availability: Under Agreement
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Patrick Hackley
Site Description


Tiger Hill Forest offers the investor a unique opportunity, combining a balanced timberland investment property with a prime location in Maine’s popular Lake Sebago Region. Asset performance will be rooted in the forest’s pine, oak, maple and hemlock resource, while its significant size, site characteristics and location offer value-added amenities relative to conservation or kingdom lot interests. 



Tiger Hill Forest is located in Sebago, Maine, a rural town situated along the northwestern shore of Sebago Lake, one the state’s largest and most popular lakes.  Stretching over rolling topography with modest views of the lake, the property is part of a vast forested landscape, punctuated by a multitude of lakes, ponds and streams.  Located approximately 35 miles north of Portland, the parcel represents a well-positioned timber investment with strong recreational attributes and nascent development potential in this still-quiet corner of southern Maine.


Access is provided by several municipal and private roads, rights-of-way, and historical points of entry. The road network offers complete coverage for silvicultural operations and recreational activities with few major improvements required. 

Site Description

The property consists of four individual parcels ranging in size from 80± to 1,100± acres.  The parcels include the summits of several hilltops and modest mountains, offering potentially scenic views of the Sebago Lake Region and glimpses of the White Mountains to the west (with some tree clearing).  The highest peak is Philip Mountain with an elevation of about 1,000 feet.  Flowing from Peabody Pond just to the north, the Northwest River defines the western boundary of the largest parcel with over 1.5 miles of winding frontage.  A large wetland complex occupies about 10 acres of open water providing aesthetic appeal and wildlife habitat.

With the exception of the wetland and an area near the Northwest River, the majority of the largest parcel has well-drained soils with course gravel content.  Overall, the terrain on all four parcels is conducive to a variety of land uses including continued timber management or home development.  


The forest consists of a nearly equal mix of hardwood and softwood species with sawlog volume comprised of white pine, hemlock and red oak.  Overall, moderate to full stocking conditions prevail with a favorable mix of sawlogs, pole-size trees and saplings.

Total sawlog volume is 4.9 million board feet (3.9 MBF/commercial acre) and 20,575 pulpwood cords (16.3 cords/commercial acre).  Total volume per commercial acre is 24.1 cords. Timber data is based on a July 2017 F&W Forestry timber inventory, reflecting a capital timber value estimated at $937,100.  The complete inventory report, raw cruise data, and GIS data is available from Fountains Land upon request.

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