The Many Attributes of Missisquoi Branch Forest

There is a new Vermont property on our list of offerings and it's list of attributes is enticing. Here is what you'll find:

  1. Thick forest stands - the property hasn't been managed in decades so the stands are overstocked, mostly with softwoods but there is a northern hardwood component as well.
  2. Pristine river - a branch of the Missisquoi river flows through the property's wetland offering a cold, clear stream with great fishing opportunity and a scenic amenity.
  3. Long road frontage - a town, gravel road bisects the property providing multiple access points to both parts of the property
  4. Scenic vistas - the town road runs up to and through Hazen's Notch, a pass in the Green Mountains. The property provides an uninterrupted view of this highly-regarded landmark and associated mountain peaks to either side.
  5. Conservation easement - the property is protected by a conservation easement so it will remain a natural a scenic beauty in perpetuity. Forestry activities may occur and it can be posted.
  6. Homesites - the easement does allow for the establishment of a home and there are several fine sites from which top choose. They all offer view of the mountains and the river environment.


All of those attributes add up to a treasure of a property. For full details, visit the property page on our website.