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Terry Brook Forest

Sandgate, Bennington County, VT
Price: $159,900
Acres: 123.5
Type: Multiple Uses
Availability: Sold
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Site Description


A southern Vermont property along a quiet dirt road with south facing meadow and views well suited for homesite construction. Three streams run through/along the land and the forestland includes ownership of a hilltop. A conservation easement allows for homesite development and forest management.


The forest is situated in southwestern Vermont in the town of Sandgate, within a heavily forested and mountainous region that sits between Route 153 to the northwest, Route 315 to the north, Routes 30 & 7A to the east, Route 313 to the south and the NY state line 3.5 miles to the west.  While forestland dominates the landscape here, widely scattered homes occur along some of the gravel roads that traverse this area. The location is host to notable mountain peaks that include; Equinox, Bear, Shatterack, Mother Myrick and The Gallop Mountains. The well known fly fishing river Batten Kill is just to the south.

The eastern boarder of this region is a popular four season tourist area, starting in the south along Route 7A at Arlington (10 miles from the land). Just north is Manchester Village host of Hildene - The Lincoln Family home, The Equinox Hotel and Orvis Fly Fishing School. Traveling a short ways further north is Dorset with its many fine homes. Bromley Ski Resort is a 45 minute drive from the property.

For weekend travelers, Albany, NY is 1.25 hour drive, NYC a 3.5 hour drive, and Boston a 3.25 hour drive.


The property benefits from excellent access with nearly 660’ of road frontage along Rupert Road, a town-maintained, gravel road with electric and telephone services. An established driveway comes off this road frontage leading to a grassy road that runs across the open meadow.

The southern boundary of the property runs along West Road for +/-1,980’. Many old woods roads traverse through the land with some lined by stone walls. These trails lead to most sections of the

Site Description

The property has abundant water resources, includes a mountain-top, existing driveway from a town maintained road with electric power and telephone service, and a buildable meadow with fine views. Other highlights include;

1. Water resources include Terry Brook, a stony, clear water, year round brook plus, Steel Brook along the NE boundary, as well as Bennet Brook to the south;

2. A 7-acre gently sloping meadow with southern exposure where the homesite can be built;

3. Stone wall lined trails and cellar holes;

4. Level mountain-top terrain;

5. An attractive timber resource.

The meadow is one of the land’s treasures, with its southern exposure, dry, gentle slopes, old apple trees and long southern view to “The Notch”, a scenic narrow valley down Rupert Road. Another view to the SE is of unbroken forestland.

The meadow gives way to an old woods road where gentle terrain and the road wraps around the height of land, the perfect recreational trail. Slopes become steeper toward the approach to the brooks and height of land. Elevation ranges from 1,680’ at the land’s mountain peak (slopes at the top are surprisingly gentle however with a few rock outcroppings) to 1,200’ in elevation at the junctions of Terry and Steel Brooks.


The timber resource consists of nearly pure hardwoods, on primarily well drained sites, characteristic of the classic Toconic soil types present on the land. Species composition includes The Maples, Birches, ash, oak, cherry, and widely scattered white pines. Fully stocked conditions exist with overstory trees in the 85, 65 and 25 year age classes.

The property’s Use Value Appraisal (UVA) management plan delineates the forest into 4 stand types. The plan mentions thinning that occurred 28 years ago within most stands, and thinning again +/-15 years ago. Overall stem quality is good with thinning likely needed within the next 10-15 years removing mature white birch and low quality stems.

No timber data is available however the standing timber value is likely +/-$800/ac.

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