Stony Point Forest

Benson, Rutland County, VT
Price: $149,000
Acres: 193
Type: Multiple Uses
Availability: Sold
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Site Description


A fine timber property with maturing pine and hardwoods, excellent growing stock and long road frontage, as well as deeded title in perpetuity to 122 acres of timber rights on the adjacent property.

The property is unique in that it offers both the normal full bundle of ownership rights on 71 acres (Fee Lands), plus deeded timber rights (covering current and future timber production rights) on the adjacent 122 acres (Timber Rights). The Fee Lands are well suited to multiple uses, including housing, recreation and timber production, while the Timber Rights area provides an expanded footprint and economy of scale for timber investment purposes. The seller has sustainably managed this asset since the late 1940s, passing onto the next buyer an exemplary example of managed timberland.
The property is well suited to the multiple use buyer who is seeking a solid timber component to their land acquisition strategy.


The forest is located in the west-central section of Vermont, within 3 miles of the New York state line near Putnam Station (southern end of Lake Champlain). This rural part of the state is generally dominated by farms in the valleys and forestland within the upland terrain. Route 22A is within a few miles of the property, providing easy access to regional forest product markets.
Situated within 2 miles of the property, the hamlet of Benson is a modest New England village with a few of the classic elements – a white, steepled church near town center, a general store and a town hall. Rutland, the region’s largest city, is located 26 miles to the east. Lake George and Glens Falls, NY are both about 40 miles to the southeast. Boston is a 3.5-hour drive, while New York City is a 4.5-hour drive.


The Fee Lands offer about 1,900’ of frontage on North Lake Road, a graveled, town-maintained road. Roadside utilities are located roughly 1,000’ from the property boundary. Terrain along the road frontage is generally level and suitable for multiple driveway entries. Mid-point along the road frontage, an established driveway exists, which runs a short way to the lease camp.
The Timber Deed lands offer ample road frontage with two existing driveway cuts suitable for forest management purposes.

Site Description

Terrain on the 71-acre Fee Lands modestly slopes with a mostly northern aspect. Elevation ranges from 440’ along the southern road frontage to 620’ at the land’s south central area. Nearly all of the land possesses well drained soil conditions with the exception of a small wetland situated at the northwestern boundary line. All acreage is forested.
The landscape is scenic with nice forest aesthetics and woods that are easy to walk through. While the existing camp site provides a good site for further development, a high, level knoll near the southeastern portion of the property offers a more secluded location for development with attractive views of the mountains to the east.
Terrain on the Timber Rights land is variable with level knolls scattered throughout the property and moderate slopes leading to each knoll. All commercial terrain is easily operable with conventional or mechanized machinery.


The timber resource can be considered above average, having been professionally managed by the current ownership since 1948. During this tenure, the silvicultural objective has been to promote the development of high quality sawlogs, an accomplished goal based on the standing timber which is now part of the property offered for sale.
The ownership’s foresters conducted a timber inventory in May of 2016 of both the Fee Lands and Timber Rights area. The timber data reveals a total sawlog volume of 436 MBF International ¼” scale (2.3 MBF/commercial acre) with 4,550 pulpwood cords (23.5 cords/commercial acre). Combined total commercial per acre volume is 28 cords. Based on this information, stumpage values were assigned by Fountains in May of 2016, producing a property-wide Capital Timber Value (CTV) of $110,400 ($563/commercial acre).
The overall species composition is broken down into 23% softwoods and 77% hardwoods. Sugar maple and white pine are the dominant species, with common associated hardwoods comprising the balance, including red oak, white ash, hemlock, black birch, and red maple.
Sawlog volumes are dominated by white pine (40%), sugar maple (23%), red oak (10%), back birch (8%), white ash (5%), and red maple (6%). Other species common to the area make up the balance.
Many age classes are present, with the overstory primarily dominated by two age classes: a maturing, larger age class with diameters of 14-20” and pole to small sawlogs with diameters of 8-13”. Stem quality can be considered excellent with many hardwood stems of veneer quality. The forest was last thinned roughly 15 years ago.
The timber resource is fully stocked and, in many areas, overstocked. Thinning to concentrate growth on the best stems can be conducted at any time, an activity which generates income.

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