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Sheffield Heights Forest

Sheffield, Caledonia County, VT
Price: $115,000
Acres: 168
Type: Multiple Uses
Availability: Sold
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Site Description
Special Features


Sheffield Heights Forest is ideally suited to the development of a homesite, or multiple homesites, and recreational pursuits.

Property highlights include:

· Direct access from Route 122 with adjacent electric power;

· Established internal driveway to existing clearing with long views, ideal for a homesite;

· Subdivision opportunity given the land’s long road frontage.


Sheffield Heights Forest is in a rural setting; however, several villages are conveniently located in the vicinity. Glover is 5 miles to the north, and the larger town of Barton is 2 miles further north and home to Crystal Lake, a popular summer destination. The hamlet of Sheffield Village is 5 miles to the south along Route 122, which is home to Miller’s Run School (pre-school thru eighth grade), serving Sheffield and Wheelock.

Also conveniently located is Interstate 91 Exit 24, 11 miles to the south, and Exit 25, 6 miles to the north, providing easy travel to destinations beyond.

The closest large town is Lyndon Center (population 6,000), 11 miles from the property and host to Lyndon State College and the Lyndon Institute. Burke Ski Resort is 17 miles to the east. Other regional destinations include St. Johnsbury (21 miles away), Hanover, New Hampshire (a 75-minute drive), and Boston (a 3.25-hour drive). 

The 307-acre Holbrook State Park is just up the road (nearly within walking distance) from the property and features Round and Long Ponds. The park offers excellent hiking to cliffs overlooking Long Pond and trails around each pond.


Access is provided by roughly 2,230’ of direct frontage along Route 122, a paved state road with electric power along its frontage. The terrain along this road frontage is gradual, likely offering various driveway road cuts in the event the new owner decides to create a subdivision and sell one or more lots in the future.

An existing internal driveway runs from Route 122 into the land for ±825’, ending at a large clearing. This access road provides an ideal foundation to establish a year-round driveway for the purpose of home construction at the property’s height of land. This road is shared by the adjacent ownership to the north.

Site Description

The property’s terrain is variable; however, gentle slopes predominate. Aspect is largely southern, allowing for good passive solar heating associated with any home building.

Given the land’s position near the height of land, no year-round brooks cross the property. An intermittent stream originates just below the internal access road, nearly bisecting the property. Soil drainage is mixed, with much of the land offering well-drained soils. Soil drainage is poor in some areas, however, especially near the stream. 

The high point on the forest is 1,860’ above sea level (ASL), which is close to the existing clearing at the end of the internal driveway. This site provides long views to the south, southeast and southwest, creating an ideal location for home building. From this site, nearly all of the terrain drops off to the south to a low point in elevation of 1,620’.

Special Features

The property’s forest resource was harvested in 2018 by the ownership. The residual forest is cut-over with large openings and thinly-stocked stands of primarily softwood species. The type of harvest was whole tree, meaning all of the tree tops were chipped and removed from the land, providing limited brush in the woods. However, some trails have logging debris in the form of sticks and branches. 

While this harvesting has impacted forest aesthetics, it has created many woods trails that offer easy access throughout the land. Also, the openings clear the way to the many views offered from the land’s high elevation position.

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