Rockmine Road Preserve II

Blakely, Early County, GA
Price: $1,690,000
Acres: 684
Type: Multiple Uses
Availability: Sold
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Chad Hancock
Site Description


Rockmine Road Preserve II is an excellent multiple-use property with unconstrained recreational potential and well-managed timber. Highlights include:

· Merchantable Loblolly planted pine with ages ranging from 17 to 31 years;

· Longleaf planted pine, 16 years old;

· 1.3 miles of frontage on Spring Creek;

· 1.8 miles of frontage on Rockmine Road, a county-maintained, paved road.



The property is approximately 5.5 miles west of Arlington and approximately 11.5 miles northeast of Blakely in Early County, Georgia. 



From Arlington, take Highland Avenue North to Morgan Road Northwest.  Turn left on Morgan Road Northwest and travel to Dogwood Avenue Northwest.  Turn right on Dogwood Road Northwest and travel to John McMurria Road (aka County Road 152). Turn left on John McMurria Road and travel to Rockmine Road. Turn left on Rockmine Road (aka County Road 154) and travel 2.5 miles to the property, which will be on the right.

From Blakely, at the intersection of US Highway 27 and Georgia Highway 62, take US Highway 27 north for 5.6 mile to the intersection with Rockmine Road.  Turn right on Rockmine Road and travel east for 4.1 miles to the property, which will be on the left.

There is a good internal road system providing access to all timbered stands. 


Site Description

The property consists of 684 acres of which an estimated 283 acres are in mature hardwood stands along Spring Creek and its tributaries. Significant hardwood hammocks provide abundant browse and hard mast for wildlife. There are an estimated 213 acres in upland planted pines of various ages and 185 acres of old field planted pine stands including various age classes. Open areas and food plots make up the balance of the remaining 2 acres.    



The timber on the property includes various ages and species of planted pine and natural hardwood stands.  The hardwoods consist of typical southern upland and bottomland species.


Based on a growth analysis on the merchantable planted pine stands, a substantial amount of the small sawtimber tons will transition into the large sawtimber class over the next 5 years. This transition of product class along with physical growth will result in a very attractive return over the projection period.


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