Ridgetop Retreat in Vermont's Upper Valley Region


I've been to Tug Ridge Forest, our newest Vermont listing, twice and both times I have had a great hike exploring the property. Although I had been to the town of Thetford before, I had never visited the village of Post Mills where the property is located. I was charmed by the collection of homes, the general store and the rushing Ompompanoosuc River as it made its way through town. I had also never been to Lake Fairlee, which is just 1.5 miles from the property. The lake is a gorgeous and peaceful spot. I noticed several summer camps along the shore and could imagine the waterfront splashing and campfire songs that must float over the water during July. 

Both times I visited the property, I walked up the right-of-way access road - once because it was winter and the second time to assess the condition. Next time I know I can take my Pathfinder right up into the property. I am very fond of hemlock, purely for aesthetic reasons, so I felt at home walking among the forest. While hemlock dominates the species mix, there are northern hardwoods mixed in creating distinct areas of forest, each with its own feel. I had never seen so much deer and moose browse on young striped maples as I did during my winter visit. They had made good use of the property over the winter.

With the leaves down during my winter exploration, I was able to see through the branches and get a feel for the potential views one could enjoy looking east across the Connecticut River Valley to the New Hampshire mountains beyond. The flat ridgetop would be a great place for an off-grid cabin with a front porch and a couple of rocking chairs to enjoy the view. Southern views down the valley are possible as well.

One of my favorite features of the property was all the rock outcrops throughout the forest. Some were big enough to climb, others were just beautiful to see with their particular community of mosses and ferns. As I left the property last time, late on a sunny afternoon, I heard a barred owl calling. "Who cooks for you? Who cooks for you all?"

Twenty years ago, I lived in the Upper Valley for a few years. I enjoyed each unique town with its own personality, offering of shops and restaurants and characteristic village center. I was never short for things to do, whether it was attending a show or concert, tubing down the White River, hiking through the hills or filling myself up at all the great restaurants. Being at the intersection of two interstates, nothing felt that far away.

Tug Ridge Forest is a lovely place to retreat and enjoy the forest. I hope you'll take a look and come for a visit.

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Alisa Darmstadt

The author is the Marketing Manager at Fountains Land and a Real Estate Salesperson specializing in rural homes.