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Richmond Hill Forest

Bridgewater, Windsor County, VT
Price: $995,000
Acres: 696
Type: Multiple Uses
Availability: Sold
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Site Description
Water Resources


The property is ideally suited to those seeking a large, forested landscape for estate development where big views, privacy, a significant water resource and long-term timber asset appreciation are desired. 

Property highlights include:

  • Attractive location adjacent to Woodstock and near Killington;
  • Significant river and brook frontage;
  • 1.3 miles of private roads leading to various high-elevation sites with long views;
  • Classic Vermont hardwood forest resource, prime for asset appreciation;
  • Adjacent State of Vermont lands.


The property is located in a mountainous region of central Vermont, which is sparsely developed beyond the main roads and river valley. This is surprising, given its close proximity to some of the state’s most popular destinations. The majority of the Town of Bridgewater’s population and residences are within the small village along Route 4 and the Ottauquechee River (less then 1 mile from the property’s Blanchard Road access). Bridgewater was historically a woolen mill village; today, it is an artist and tourist community that is still populated by well-settled, year-'round residents, as well as a new population of second home dwellers.

West along Route 4 from the village is the hamlet of Bridgewater Corners which is within walking distance of the property’s River Road access point. This crossroads hamlet has a few county inns, a country store and the well-known Long Trail Brewing Company, where tours and dining are available. Further west 6.5 miles along the east-west Route 4 corridor is West Bridgewater where Killington’s Skyeship Base Lodge is located.

The village of Woodstock, a renowned, all-season tourist destination, is 7 miles east of the property.  Route 4 connects Bridgewater to major metropolitan areas via Interstates 89 and 91 to the east. Boston is a 2.25-hour drive and New York City a 4.25-hour drive.


The land’s varied access is one of its greatest attributes. The primary access is from Blanchard Road, a town-maintained gravel road. The property begins where this road ends, starting with a gated internal road access point. Beyond the gate, a well-built internal road leads 0.65 miles to the center of the land at a large clearing with an elevation of 1,500’ ASL (above sea level). From this point, the road continues south, deeper into the property for an additional 0.65 miles, ending at an elevation of 1,900’ ASL, just at the base of Richmond Hill, another private location with big views to the north. From the end of this road, a mowed trail heads to the top of Richmond Hill at an elevation of 2,140’ ASL. The easy hike to this mountaintop along the trail gives way to long views to the east and north (the nearby slopes of Killington can be seen between the trees looking west). This location shares a boundary with lands owned by the State of Vermont. 

At the land’s large clearing mid-point along the access road, there is a spur road that leads northwest to the center of the property. Where this road ends, a well-developed woods trail continues for a mile to the land’s River Road frontage.

The northern end of the property benefits from ±2,150’ of frontage along River Road, a town-maintained Class 3 road.

By permission of the landowner, a VAST snowmobile trail runs through the land, providing direct access to this popular winter recreational activity (see property maps for location). The trail is mowed annually by VAST and thus offers additional hiking options.

Site Description

The property’s potential private building sites are located along the entire 1.3 miles of the internal road network. The views become longer and wider as the elevation rises. The primary view is to the northeast down the river valley and to distant Vermont mountains. The northern view looks upon Bridgewater’s Gold Coast Road area with few homes visible.  The eastern view is of Long Hill, from Mt Moses to Old Baldy Mt, a protected landscape that is part of the Calvin Coolidge State Forest.

The access road leads to the base of Richmond Hill, a level area deep in the forest with big views. From this spot an annually mowed walking trail leads to the level hilltop, the perfect hiking destination. Here the adjacent land to the west is part of Calvin Coolidge State Forest.

The property’s terrain generally is composed of moderate slopes rising from north to south over its 1.9 mile span. There are some areas of steep terrain, as well. A northern aspect prevails and nearly all of the land possesses well-drained, upland soils. Elevation ranges from 860’ ASL (above sea level) along the river frontage to 2,140’ ASL at the top of Richmond Hill.


The property is all forested, except for the roads and various small clearings. The timber resource consists almost entirely of hardwood species, which are ideally suited to the well-drained, stony soils that prevail. Primary species are sugar maple, yellow birch, American beech, red maple, white ash and red oak.

Forest thinning operations where last conducted 12 years ago, creating the  youngest age class of sapling trees (1-3” in diameter). The majority of the overstory is dominated by growing stock trees (7-12” in diameter with an age of ±55 years) and sawlog-sized trees (>14” in diameter with an age >75 years). Most of the forest is fully stocked with a growing stock and sawlog-sized overstory; however, some areas have an overstory dominated by saplings where harvesting 12 years ago was more aggressive. Overall, the forest resource can be considered an excellent source of asset appreciation and future revenue generation from thinning activity.    

The property’s forest management plan delineates 11 forest stands with recommended forest activity scheduled in 2022 covering 233 acres. The management plan is available upon request.

Water Resources

The property offers two significant water attributes, both located at the land’s northern end. The Ottauguechee River runs along the northern boundary for a length of ±2,145’. This scenic river has a stony bottom, runs clear year ‘round, and is a popular fishing destination. The river is easily accessible from the land’s River Road access which parallels the river.  Just to the west is ±1,600’ of frontage along Broad Brook, a significant brook with large boulders and deep pools, great for exploring, swimming and fishing. 

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