Richford Forest

Richford, Franklin County, VT
Price: $361,000
Acres: 272
Type: Multiple Uses
Availability: Available
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Site Description


A sugar maple-dominated forest property, offering sugarbush or long-term timber production opportunity, with compatibility for establishing a private homestead site with attractive views of the northern Green Mountains.


The forest is situated within the Town of Richford along Route 105, 6 miles east of Richford Village and 14 miles from Jay Peak Ski Resort and Montgomery Village. The Canadian border is 3 miles to the north, with Montreal, Quebec roughly a 1.5-hour drive away. This area is characterized by the northern extent of the Green Mountains, a scenic forested landscape whose agricultural center is focused along the nearby Missisquoi River Valley.


The town-maintained Nickson Road ends within 600' of the property, where a developed right-of-way provides access to the heart of the forest. Electric power is located roughly 900' from the property boundary.

Site Description

Terrain is variable and defined by the property's level to gently-sloping central valley. To the north, there is a hilltop wholly on the land, and to the south there is an extension of a ridge from nearby Jay Peak, which ends at the property's southern boundary. While most terrain within the central valley sits near 1,000' in elevation, the high points are located along the southern boundary at 1,339' and the northern hill-top at 1,270'.
Good access, close proximity to electric power and level terrain near the access road expands future options to include the establishment of a private homestead.


The timber resource consists of a favorable hardwood species composition, dominated by sugar maple and complemented by red maple (13% of total volume), yellow birch (9%) and white ash (8%), with beech and other associates in small amounts due to past silvicultural operations which have substantially reduced the lower-valued hardwood species.
A timber inventory conducted by Fountains in spring 2015, and grown forward to account for summer growth, reveals a total sawlog volume of 1,277 MBF International 1/4" scale (4.964 MBF/commercial acre) with 4,339 pulpwood cords (16.9 cords/commercial acre). Combined total volume is 26.8 cords/commericial acre, a figure in excess of the regional average. Capital Timber Value (CTV) is estimated to be $248,700 ($907/total acre).
The property offers a potential sugarbush opportunity, with the timber data indicating roughly 10,400 taps property-wide from its sugar maple timber resource.

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