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Cherry Ridge Forest

Property Details

Location: Thurman, Warren County, NY
Price: $995,000
Acres: 705
Type: Multiple Uses


Cherry Ridge Forest is a large Adirondack property near North Creek/Gore Mountain which sits adjacent to the 125,000-acre Wilcox Lake Wild Forest, one of the largest wilderness units within the Park. Located at the end of a county road with electric power, the land offers private building sites with potential views given its high, accessible elevation. Both Cherry Ridge and Moose/Baldface Mountain complex offers high elevation, adjacent hiking destinations in the State’s Wild Forest lands.


Cherry Ridge Forest is an easily accessible multiple-use property located in the southeastern section of New York’s Adirondack Park. Crane Mountain is part of this wilderness and is the highest peak in the region, with its trailhead 3 miles to the north of the property.

This scenic region is anchored by nearby Lake George & Warrensburg, each +/-19 miles to the east, plus North Creek/Gore Mountain 14 miles to the north. Warrensburg is the closest larger village, which is situated along the Schroon and Hudson Rivers and acts as a ‘gateway’ to the Adirondacks’ High Peaks Region. Hospital services are available in Glens Falls (29 miles to the south).

Regionally, the surrounding landscape is distinguished by its vast natural beauty, scenic mountains, and many rivers and streams. The hamlet of Thurston is a 6-minute drive to the east. Locally, there are widely scattered year-round homes adjacent to and leading up to the land along Henry Wescott Road.

Albany, the state’s capital and home of the Albany International Airport is about an hour, twenty minutes to the south. Greater NY/Boston metro regions lie within a 3.5-hour weekend commute.


Henry Wescott Road provides access, which is a fully maintained, graveled county road with electric power that ends at the property boundary and offers a seldom traveled, quiet location.

Upon entering the land, an internal, rough road branches off in a northwesterly direction for +/-1,000′, offering several locations at an elevation of 2,000′ for home development with views of the surrounding mountains (after tree clearing).

Branching off the property’s gated Bear Pond Road, another internal rough woods road heads westerly +/-1,000′ feet into the center of the land. Bear Pond Road also leads to the southeastern section of the land.

Site Description

The property covers a large landscape that spans nearly 1.5 miles from north to south and .8 miles from east to west. The vast adjacent NY State Wild Forest greatly expands this considerable footprint.

The town road ends at the land’s lowest elevation, with high ridges nearly rimming the land, offering great hiking options and big potential views as one gets further into the property. Cherry Ridge and Moose Mountain (the latter a short hike with its exposed granite peak) frame the western boundary where the land’s terrain rises to 2,400′ in elevation at each end. Between these high peaks is a valley leading to a wetland pond just off the land on the State’s Wild Forest.

The northern and east-central boundaries rise to a high ridge with nearly 2,100 elevations. Two top-of-the-watershed streams originate on the land and flow into a beaver pond located on the property near the end of the county road.

The land is well suited to developing a private compound with multiple potential homesites along either of the internal woods’ roads. These potential building sites have level terrain with long-range, attractive views with tree clearing. The northern side has a southern aspect and includes Moose Mountain and Cherry Ridge views.

The property is made up of 10 individual tax lots (see the map with tax lots depicted), offering the potential for subdivision with APA approval.


The forest resource has a species composition dominated by northern hardwoods (maples, birches, beech & cherry), with softwoods limited to the lower elevations. Three primary age classes exist, with the older, scattered age class being +/80 years old, an abundant middle age class of trees +/-50 years old, and a younger growing stock age class of roughly 30 years old. Portions of the land were last harvested 2-9 years ago. Based on the evidence of old stone walls, agricultural uses of the land appears to have occurred on the lower and more level slopes. The glacial period has left behind some large, nearly round glacial erratics.

Most of the soils are high and dry except for a small wetland near the end of Henry Wescott Road. Given the significant adjacent Wild Forest landscape, large mammals such as black bears, moose, coyotes, fisher cats, and white-tailed deer are common.

Parcel Map

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