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Caldwell’s Place

Property Details

Location: Wadley, Clay County, AL
Price: $425,800
Acres: 158
Type: Timberland


Caldwell’s Place is nestled in the Piedmont region of mid-eastern Alabama, surrounded by rolling hills and valleys. The property shares its borders with other timberlands, some pasture lands and small residences. Wadley, a charming town with a couple of small family-owned restaurants and gas stations, is just a short six-and-a-half-mile drive away. Lineville and Ashland, AL, both within 13 miles from the property, offer multiple dining, fuel, and grocery options, whereas Roanoke and Alexander City are located at a distance of 25 and 35 minutes, respectively. Hospitals are located in Ashland, Roanoke, and Alexander City.

The location of Caldwell’s Place is perfect for those who love outdoor activities. The Tallapoosa River and Lake Wedowee are nearby, offering incredible recreational opportunities. The property is accessible from AL Hwy 77 and Clay County Road 79 and is approximately 30 minutes from US Hwy 280 and an hour from I-20 and I-85. If you’re planning to fly, you can reach Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in an hour and forty-five minutes, assuming there’s no rush hour traffic.


Caldwell’s Place boasts 940 feet of frontage along AL Hwy 77 and 560 feet along CR 79. You’ll find two driveway cuts, one along each public road, providing easy access to the tract. Drake Road, a retired county road, is the primary access point to the interior, leading from AL Hwy 77 to the access point off CR 79. You’ll also find other interior roads and trails that make most of the tract easily accessible. Another advantage of this tract is that it has direct access to power, making it a very convenient option.

Site Description

Caldwell’s Place boasts a diverse landscape with rolling terrain and well-drained soils that are ideal for timber production. The elevation ranges from approximately 980 feet above sea level where the creek leaves the property up to its highest point of
about 1040 feet. The property’s northern section is crossed by Wolfpen Creek, which contributes to its overall beauty and ecological significance. Additionally, the tract’s wildlife value is enhanced by the presence of various ages of timber.


This tract is set up very well for both near-term and long-term timber income and management, with various ages of loblolly plantations in existence.

Those are:
2022 Established Loblolly Plantation 82 Acres
2021 Established Loblolly Plantation 27 Acres
2008 Established Loblolly Plantation 16 Acres
2004 Established Loblolly Plantation 5 Acres

These acreages were replanted with genetically improved loblolly pine. For timber management of plantations in this region, the typical plan is to conduct a thinning at or near age 15. This thinning will generate some timber income, but its purpose is primarily to keep the plantation healthy, growing well, and help it transition into higher-value timber products such as sawtimber. The thinning will also add great benefits to wildlife value and diversity.

If the objective is to maximize return on timber value, it could be made most productive by conducting a woody release and fertilizing post-thinning. It should be ready for a second thin at or near age 21 and reach full financial maturity between the ages of 25 and 28, at which time a final harvest could be conducted to capture its value.

If your objective is to enhance aesthetics and wildlife value, after the age of 15, thinning a prescribed burning regimen can begin every two or three years. Conducting control burns will enhance wildlife value, reduce the risk of loss to wildfire, improve aesthetics, and aid in controlling undesired species within the plantation. While the hardwood-dominated acreage that follows the creek has marketable value, most landowners choose to leave these stands intact. Leaving them intact protects the integrity of the stream and adds diversity to the property. This tract has a good representation of white oak, which produces acorns within this area that can provide an excellent wildlife food source during the fall of the year. Be aware that the 2008 Plantation is under contract to be thinned. If the thinning is not completed ahead of the sale of this property, the thinning contract can be assigned, and proceeds retained by the new owner.

Parcel Map

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