Poke-O-Moonshine Forest

Lewis, Essex County, NY
Price: $239,000
Acres: 326
Type: Multiple Uses
Availability: Available
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Todd Waldron
Site Description


A conveniently located North Country recreational and timber investment property just south of the iconic Poke-O-Moonshine Mountain.


This nice multi-use woodlot is located within easy reach of the Adirondack Northway in the town of Lewis, NY. It is situated one and a half miles south of Poke-O-Moonshine Mountain, a prominent peak with an easily recognizable, sheer granite face that stretches high over the surrounding landscape. This is a well-known landmark and is broadly considered the gateway to the High Peaks region from the Plattsburgh area, which is located 30 miles to the north.


Access is gained by 2,700’ of paved, year-round road frontage along State Route 9, a major travel artery connecting the surrounding neighborhood to both the Lewis and Keeseville exits along the Adirondack Northway. From Route 9, a well-maintained, gated, private gravel road extends into the heart of the land before eventually exiting on the property’s western boundary. This road is well-built and can support SUV and high-clearance passenger vehicle traffic along with log truck traffic associated with periodic forest thinnings.

Site Description

The property lies in a gently sloping bowl situated just south of the famed mountain. The land slopes from west to east, so the terrain along the access road climbs gradually higher as you travel into the property. Site attributes include a scenic, year-round stream, localized mountain views to the north, several private locations for a future camp, and a half square mile of cover and food for whitetail deer, turkeys, and a host of non-game species. Poke-O-Moonshine’s productive working forest resource is highlighted by a red oak, white pine and northern hardwood timber resource that can be managed for a variety of ownership objectives.

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