Pearly Lake Forest

Rindge, Cheshire County, NH
Price: $850,000
Acres: 672 GIS
Type: Multiple Uses
Availability: Sold
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Patrick Hackley
Site Description
Water Resources


Pearly Lake Forest represents a blended land investment combining homesteading options with a long-term timber investment attribute. The homestead and recreational option includes secluded meadows with exceptional views of the region’s premiere landmark, Mount Monadnock, long property frontage on Pearly Lake and miles of gated internal roads and trails. The forest investment component offers a sustainably managed resource and a source of wealth preservation and future income.

Property highlights include:

· Four meadows covering over 50 acres, each with views of Mount Monadnock;

· Over 1.5 miles of lake frontage across the water from the Franklin Pierce University campus;

· Timber value of $585,500;

· Protected by a conservation easement allowing one homestead and a dock on the shoreline.


Pearly Lake Forest is located in the Monadnock Region of southwestern New Hampshire. The surrounding area is characterized by a rolling forested landscape punctuated by agricultural fields, historic New England villages and numerous small lakes and ponds.
Franklin Pierce University sits across Pearly Lake from the property and is the cultural and economic hub of the town. The iconic Mount Mondanock, the highest point in the county (3,165’ ASL) and considered “one of the most climbed mountains in the world”, is visible from the property and several areas within town.
An appealing place to call home or visit throughout the year. Brattleboro, Vermont and Interstate 91 are 40 miles to the west. Manchester, New Hampshire, a popular city with outlets, an airport and access to Interstate 93, is 50 miles to the northeast. Boston, Massachusetts, is 70 miles to the southeast.


Bowers Hill Road, an unmaintained Class VI Road, enters the property from the south and serves as the main entrance. Bowers Hill Road provides interior access to a scenic field within the 150-acre building zone, before connecting to Ingalls Road to the north. Ingalls Road frontage offers town-maintained access from the north through a small field, while another gravel road accesses the southwest corner directly off Route 119.
All of the internal roads have recently been re-designated from Class VI to “Class A Trails” whereby the public has pedestrian rights but no vehicular access is permitted. The entrance to each trail is kept gated by the landowner.

Site Description

The terrain is composed of an interesting mix of flat, gently rolling and hilly terrain, suitable for an equally diverse range of land uses. Soils are mostly well-drained, growing good quality pine and oak, and a medium quality mix of other hardwoods.
Several fields of varying sizes grace the forest. There are a total of 55 acres of field on the property. Two recently established fields offer outstanding views of Mount Monadnock to the north. These fields are within the 150-acre designated building envelope, providing opportunity for building a home with a breathtaking view.


Timber data in this report are based on a monumented and comprehensive timber inventory, conducted in March 2017. The timber data reveal a total sawlog volume of 3,954 MBF International ¼” scale (6.7 MBF/commercial acre) with 11,193 pulpwood cords (19.0 cords/commercial acre). Combined total commercial per acre volume is 32.4 cords, a figure above the regional average. Stumpage values were assigned to the volumes in March of 2017, producing a property-wide Capital Timber Value (CTV) of $585,500 ($873/total acre).

The species composition is split nearly equally between softwood (51%) and hardwoods (49%). The sawlog volume breakdown consists largely of white pine (51%), red maple (18%) and red oak (10%). This species composition is well-suited as part of a long-term timber investment, with solid markets regionally for all products and species growing on the land. Forest density is generally represented by fully-stocked stands covering most of the acreage, with some areas overstocked. Sawlog value is largely dominated by white pine (42%), red oak (25%) and red maple (19%), with the balance comprised of common associates for the area. Average diameter for the three major species are as follows: white pine 19”, red oak 15.5” and red maple 15”.  

Since the tenure of the current owner began in 2006, no silvicultural activity has been conducted, with the exception of expansion of the meadows to their original footprint as indicated on the maps. Silvicultural activity was conducted by the previous ownership roughly 15 years ago.  Based on current stocking levels, thinning activity can occur at any time.

Water Resources

Pearly Lake (also known as Pearly Pond) is a 192-acre lake with some shoreline homes along the western and southern shoreline. The eastern shoreline, some of which is owned by Franklin Pierce University, remains largely undeveloped. The lake is 17 feet at the deepest point and averages 7 feet deep throughout. The Franklin Pierce beach is open to the public and there is a lifeguard on duty on most summer days. Boating of all kinds is allowed, although there is no public boat access. For fishing enthusiasts, the pond supports a variety of warm water fish including largemouth bass, chain pickerel, yellow perch, horned pout and others. 

Wetlands account for 54 acres of the property, including the two beaver ponds (8-10 acres in total).  The ponds and associated bog areas offer excellent habitat and a great place to view a variety of wildlife and waterfowl.





Almost the entire property is protected by a conservation easement that provides for one 5-acre house site within a 150-acre zone (see the topographical map in the property report with the zone highlighted). There is a 6-acre parcel in neighboring Fitzwilliam which is not part of the easement. The easement also provides for construction of a dock along frontage on Pearly Lake. The easement has no specific mention of public recreational rights, so posting is permissible.

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