Patent Line Mountain Forest

Warrensburg, Warren County, NY
Price: $149,000
Acres: 319
Type: N/A
Availability: Sold
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Site Description


Long views of the southern Adirondacks and Glens Falls Region unfold from this mountaintop property situated within 15 miles of Lake George Village.


Patent Line Mountain Forest is a classic mountaintop recreational property that is highlighted by its long views of the southern Adirondacks, direct access to state lands and close proximity to the surrounding Lake George Region. The property shares a boundary with the western flank of state lands associated with the nearby Prospect Mountain Highway Area. Completed in 1969, this popular tourist highway climbs for nearly 6 miles from Lake George Village to the summit of Prospect Mountain, where it is reported that 100-mile views unfold.


Access is secure and gained by a 1.5-mile-long seasonal forest road which originates at Viele Pond Road and extends to the property's northwest corner. This road is a legally-deeded right-of-way that crosses a neighboring property prior to entering the land, and is drivable by 4-wheel-drive and similar vehicles during non-winter months.

Site Description

Patent Line Mountain Forest's most distinguishing site feature is its tremendous viewshed of the nearby Lake George and Glens Falls Region, which unfolds in a 270-degree panorama from the height of ground that is situated within the heart of the property.
The property lies along three distinct "peaks" situated along a broad ridge extending southwesterly from Black Spruce Mountain's summit area on the nearby state lands. From the clearing area at the terminus of the right-of-way, huge views to the west of prominent local ranges such as Hemlock Ridge, Thomas Mountain and Hickory Ridge unfold, along with the highly-recognizable Gore Mountain and Crane Mountain summits closer to the horizon.
Upon reaching the height of ground in the heart of the property, a second viewshed to the south and east unfolds, capturing the entire Glens Falls Region. From the numerous open areas of the summit zone, views can be enjoyed of Kenyon Mountain, Howe Mountain, and the French Mountain Range, which overlooks Lake George's eastern shoreline. This would be a classic area to site a lean-to spike camp for weekend picnics and primitive camping.

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