Moose Horn Camp

Spring Lake Township, Somerset County, ME
Price: $849,000
Acres: 564
Type: Home & Land
Availability: Available
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Site Description


Resting on the southern shore of serene Upper Shaw Pond, this well-appointed vintage lodge is surrounded by a vast forest, offering an exceptionally private, north woods retreat in the Flagstaff Region of western Maine.


Moose Horn Camp is located in Spring Lake Township, an unorganized territory of western Maine known for its miles of free-flowing rivers, vast forest and two dominant features - sprawling, 14,000-acre Flagstaff Lake and Bigelow Mountain, both immediately south of the property and looming large just outside the village of Stratton.


Access is provided by a private gravel road network that begins off Route 27 approximately six miles north of Stratton. Upon turning off the pavement, the lodge is located about eleven miles east.

Site Description

Upper Shaw Pond is 42 acres and enjoys a pristine forested shoreline. With a maximum depth of 12 feet, the pond supports a warm water fishery of yellow perch, chain pickeral and small-mouth bass. The water and shoreline quality is suitable for swimming. With the exception of a small plateau near the center of the tract, the parcel topography slopes gradually inward towards the pond with elevations ranging from 1,270' ASL at pond level to 1,550' ASL at the northeast corner.


The forest consists of a mix of hardwood and softwood species. Hardwoods include maple, birch and beech, with softwoods primarily composed of spruce, fir and pine. The forest was harvested in 2005, leaving a residual overstory of poles and small sawtimber. A written forest management plan is in place, guiding future thinning opportunities.


Built in 1928 and dubbed “Moose Horn Camp,” the lodge and guest cottage are constructed of native cedar logs with portions of the interior walls and ceilings lined with pine bead board.  All of the floors are made from fine-grained, cherry-stained douglas fir, adding to the rustic warmth throughout the lodge. Five skylights brighten the interior and plentiful windows offer pond and forest views.

The lodge has four bedrooms, three bathrooms (two full and one half) and can accommodate up to eight people. With four well-located, fieldstone fireplaces, the lodge can be as comfortable in the dead of winter as it is in the summer. The kitchen is simple but has the basic appliances and ample storage/pantry space. 

A short distance from the main lodge is a guest cottage of similar vintage cedar log construction.  The interior consists of two large rooms, one functioning as a modestly equipped kitchen and the other as a living room with two bunks and a full bathroom. The cottage was originally constructed as two separate buildings but was later joined in the middle by a sauna room with a hot tub.

A small barn located near the main lodge offers convenient storage for recreational watercraft, vehicles, maintenance equipment, and firewood.  The spacious upstairs loft could be retrofitted to provide additional guest bunks. A maintenance garage located near the property entrance is sized to accommodate a 10-wheel dump truck or other heavy equipment used periodically to maintain the roads.



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