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Molly Road Forest Parcel

Cabot, Washington County, VT
Price: $159,000
Acres: 70
Type: Multiple Uses
Availability: Sold
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Site Description


The Batten Family has owned the property since the early 1940s and over this period have been excellent long-term stewards of the land; growing high-quality timber, maintaining the meadows, and recreating on the land regularly.   

Parcel highlights:

· Each parcel benefits from developed access, ready to be used for recreation, camp/home development, forest management, and potential sugarbush;

· Various prime potential building sites have been kept out of the land’s “Current Use” enrollment thus avoiding future development penalty’s if structures are built within these sites;

· Short drive to strong job markets to the east and south;

· Electric power is nearby.


The parcel is situated in the southern section of the town of Cabot in the north-eastern part of Vermont. Cabot's population is fairly low, with its landscape dominated by abundant forestland, farms in the valleys, and widely scattered homes along roads. Its town center is 5 miles from the property and hosts Cabot Creamery, one of the region's largest cheese producers.

Danville, the largest nearby town, is 7 miles to the east and hosts an attractive town center with a variety of amenities. Marshfield Village is 5 miles to the southwest and has a fully stocked country store and gas station. The scenic hamlet of Peacham is 6.5 miles to the east. St. Johnsbury is a 30-minute drive and is the largest regional town providing all amenities.

The land is situated within a 3-minute drive to Moly's Falls Pond boat launch. The 411-acre pond and surrounding 653 acres is a state park available for boating, camping, and hiking. The lake offers diverse fisheries of rainbow trout, brook trout, northern pike, pickerel, smallmouth bass, and yellow perch.

Boston is a 2 hour and forty-five-minute drive.



Molly Road Parcel is located along Last Road, which is unmaintained by the town but has a fairly good gravel surface. The property boundary begins roughly 3,500’ up Last Road from its junction with Route 2. The land’s eastern boundary then runs along the road for roughly 1,830’. The southern boundary runs along Molly Road, which is also unmaintained by the town but has a good gravel surface. Beyond the property on Molly Road is a residence. Interior woods trails are well developed.

Site Description

The land’s lowest elevation (1,615’) is at the junctions of Last and Molly Roads. From each area along the road frontage, the land rises uphill (towards Danville Hill) to a high elevation of 1,949’. The land’s relatively high elevation offers nice views to the south and east in some areas with tree clearing.

The most logical potential building site is located at the end of the Molly Road frontage within the 2-acre zone that has been excluded from the Current Use enrollment. A small clearing is located at this level well-drained site.

The northern back end of the land has some steep slopes with rock out-cropping common. Given the land’s high elevation, there are no streams that cross the land.


The forest management plan delineates two stands on the property. Stand 1 is a +/-40 acre sugar maple stand that appears to have been a former sugarbush 30-40 years ago.  Roughly 88% of the species is sugar maple, and the stand is quite mature with many overstory trees being 90 to 110 years old. This stand offers a very good sugarbush opportunity and likely possesses 2,000 taps.  It was thinned in 2016.

Stand 2 of the management plan has mixed species; here on this parcel, the composition is primarily northern hardwoods with the exception of a higher percentage of softwoods in an area close to the junctions of Lost and Molly Roads. This area was also thinned in 2016.

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