Milltown Tract

Milltown, Chambers County, AL
Price: $49,600
Acres: 31
Type: Multiple Uses
Availability: Available
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T.R. Clark
Site Description


Set in the heart of some of the best hunting land in Chambers County, this forest has a very productive young pine plantation as well as strong residential options.



The Milltown Tract is located in the piedmont region of mid-east Alabama, an area rich in wildlife and friendly to forest management.  The landscape here is rolling hills with predominantly clay soils.

Both Wadley and LaFayette, Alabama, are approximately 10 minutes away from the property. Roanoke, Alabama, is about 10 miles to the northeast. Here, there are lodging options and essential amenities. The nearest airport and hospital are in LaGrange, Georgia, approximately 30 minutes to the east




Access to the tract is provided by County Road 149, a gravel or dirt byway maintained by Chambers County.  There is approximately 700 feet of frontage on County Road 149, one driveway cut and direct access to power. 


Site Description

The tract offers rolling terrain with well-drained soils that are productive for timber. Williams Creek, a major drainage for the area, borders the parcel. 

Because of its road frontage and direct access to power, the parcel is prime for future residential development. In fact, for the restoration enthusiast, this parcel has an old home that has been vacant for many years.  We cannot attest to its condition, but it may be a candidate for renovation. For hunters, this area boasts excellent deer, turkey and rabbit hunting. Existing trails could be reopened and game food plots established creating an ideal hunting retreat.



The merchantable timber that exists on the Milltown Tract is in the lowlands and bottomlands that adjoin the creeks and streams where harvest is somewhat limited.  State Best Management Practices for Forestry do allow some harvest within these areas so we use the old inventory to represent this value. There is no timber inventory data available


In addition to the merchantable timber, and perhaps more importantly, the property acreage is dominated by a young loblolly pine plantation. The value attributed to the PREMERCHANTABLE pine plantations on the Milltown Tract is $10,880.



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