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Middle Road Parcel

Plainfield, Washington County, VT
Price: $278,000
Acres: 74.4
Type: Multiple Uses
Availability: Under Agreement
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Site Description


This Vermont property for sale sits at a relatively high elevation affording nice views of the Groton State Forest mountains from the land's private meadows. The centrally located meadows are level with a historic homesite with its stone walls, cellar hole, and old family-planted trees. The States capital Montpelier is a short drive to the southwest.


The property is located in the rural town of Plainfield, a bedroom community to the nearby Barre-Montpelier Cities. The area is a working landscape of family farms, managed forests, public lands and small villages. This region's land use is nearly evenly divided between farm and forestland, with homes semi-widely scattered. The 26,000-acre Groton State Forest occupies the eastern end of the town, with the Spruce Mountain Trailhead 5 miles to the east. The capital city, Montpelier, with an enticing array of amenities, is 11 miles to the southwest, with Barre's downtown 5 miles along the way. Plainfield Village (2 miles to the north) offers a restaurant, health center, grocery store, opera house, and book store. The golf course, open to the public, is at the Country Club of Barre, 4 miles to the west, with the East Hill Farm Riding Center 2 miles to the south. Boston, Massachusetts, is a 2.75-hour drive to the southeast.


Access can be considered excellent with frontage on two town-maintained, graveled roads, each with electric power and telephone services roadside.

The Middle Road frontage is 870' of level terrain with an easy potential driveway point at the middle of the frontage (other possible driveway points are possible).

The Lower Road frontage is 950' with two good potential driveway points possible (one driveway is established and is currently used as the VAST trail).

Several old woods and agricultural-related trails provide internal access. In addition, a well-maintained Vermont Association of Snow Travelers (VAST) trail runs through the land which is depicted on the property maps.

Given the two town roads, multiple access points and level terrain, the future subdivision of the land is possible.

Site Description

The property's highlights include nearly 20 acres of open land, possible long views, a historic homesite, and attractive forest resources.

The land's relatively high elevation provides attractive, potentially long views to the east of the mountains near the Groton State Forest and the west of the Worcester Range.

The eastern half of the property offers gentle, mostly well-drained terrain, while the western half has variable slopes with a mix of gentle, to at times exposed bedrock, small cliffs, and short ridges. The high elevation is along Middle Road at 1,400' above sea level (ASL), falling to  1,180' ASL along Lower Road. The aspect is generally to the west.

Given the relatively high elevation, no year-round streams are on the land.

The property's nearly 20 acres of open land sits at its center, a private location with existing views of the mountains to the northeast. This meadow is a perfect location to build a home. With additional tree clearing, the view would improve and include the Worcester Range to the west.

Depicted on the property maps, the historic homestead site is along the meadow's edge, near the southern boundary and includes a large cellar hole, stone foundations for the home and nearby barn, and old, large trees.


The forest resource can be divided into two general stand types (as done in the land's Forest Management Plan). The eastern half is regrowth from old field abandonment consisting of trees roughly 25-40 years old. Hardwoods dominate with scattered pines.

The land's western half holds an older class of white pine and northern hardwoods, with most stems about 55-65 years old. Good forest aesthetics and varied terrain make hiking in this half of the property interesting.

A vernal pool exists just to the west of the meadow at the base of a ridge.

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