McLaughlin Farm and Forest

Wilton, Franklin County, ME
Price: $150,000
Acres: 121
Type: Multiple Uses
Availability: Sold
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Mark Rabon
Site Description



The property is located in the western Maine town of Wilton, a historic former mill town that is minutes from US Route 2. The property is within one hour of Carrabassett Valley, home to Sugarloaf Resort, which is considered the recreational hub of the region. Travel a bit further and the city of Portland offers the historic downtown waterfront with shopping and restaurants to cater to any style or taste.


There are two points of access to the property. The first is from the southwest via McLaughlin Road, which is a town-maintained, paved road off Main Street from the south. The second is over a right-of-way through an abutting property/farm, also from the south. This more central access from the south is the primary access for haying and forest management activities.

Site Description

The property is comprised of two lots. The first is the largest by far and includes the majority of the fields and all of the forest land. The second lot is immediately adjacent and is essentially a four-acre field with access through the larger lot. The topography is gently rolling, with slopes generally less than 10%. Soils are comprised of fine sandy loams that are mostly moderately well drained, particularly in the eastern two-thirds of the property. The central fields and the eastern woodlands of the property offer the best opportunities for locating a home or subdivision if so inclined. The far eastern and western edges of the property offer some intermittent stream channels.


The forested seventy acres of the property is well-stocked with mixed species, offering a wide range of size classes from sapling/pole-sized hardwoods to large white pine sawtimber. There is a small red pine plantation in the northern portion with upland hardwoods and mixed softwood species in the surrounding stands. The well-established trail network facilitates future forestry and recreational activities.

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