Marshall Phillips Forest

Brandon and Sudbury, Rutland County, VT
Price: $189,000
Acres: 256
Type: Multiple Uses
Availability: Sold
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Site Description


A Champlain Valley forest offering fine timber stands, recreational and residential opportunities, unique wildlife and generous road frontage.


Marshall Phillips Forest is located at the southern end of the Champlain Valley in west-central Vermont. Lower elevations and the western valley location support a different mix of plant and animal species than the predominantly upland terrain in the rest of the state. Mountain views across the lake to the west create a scenic landscape atypical of the rest of Vermont.
The property sits partially in the towns of Brandon and Sudbury. Brandon is a reviving town with several restaurants, an historic hotel and a vibrant arts community, while Sudbury is a rural town with a small village center. Middlebury, a slightly larger community and home to the famed Middlebury College is 17 miles north of Brandon. Rutland is the same distance to the south and offers a greater array of shopping, entertainment and services. Boston is 3.5 hours to the southeast, while New York City is 5 hours to the south.


The property offers about 1,800’ of frontage on Marshall Phillips Road in Brandon, a town-maintained gravel road with utilities. At the western end of this frontage, a 60’-wide, gated right-of-way provides access to the western end of the property. It leads about 1,500' into the northern end of the property. At the eastern end of the frontage along the boundary, there is an established driveway that leads a short distance into the property before becoming a woods trail heading around the wetland and into the southern reaches of the property.

Site Description

Marshall Phillips Forest offers a variety of terrain and habitats suitable for residential development, hiking and nature viewing, hunting and forest management. In the center of the property are 85 GIS acres of wetland associated with an unnamed brook that flows southward through the property. This rich ecosystem likely hosts a variety of plants and animal unique to wetter areas and to this part of the state.
On the western edge of the wetland, an elevated peninsula has recently been cleared and thinned of its resident white pine. The open area provides a gentle slope towards the wetland with a scenic view across it and towards the property's hardwood slopes to the south. Additional clearing to the west would open up views of the Green Mountains. This would be an easily accessible and scenic spot for a camp or year-round home.
The area east of the wetland supports the majority of the land’s upland, well-drained soils. From its access road and heading south and east, this area includes an additional private site to establish a family home. A trail runs through these dense woods, eventually leading to the southeastern section of the forest where one can access a highly scenic area known as “The Ledges.” Right along the trail and at the southern edge of the wetland, a towering stand of hemlocks slopes steeply upward toward rocky outcrops. Walking under the canopy of towering trees with exposed rock faces looming above creates a medieval forest feel. Above The Ledges and to the east, a mature mixedwood stand occupies the site. West of here, on the land’s most southern slopes, there is an attractive hardwood stand of oak, maple and hickory.


The timber resource has been professionally managed by the ownership throughout their tenure since the 1950s. Over this period, thinnings have occurred to improve species composition and stem quality. No recent timber inventory data is available; however, based on a 2008 inventory and field observations, Capital Timber Value (CTV) is likely close to $122,000 property wide. Volumes are roughly 4 MBF/acre and 12 cords/acre. The timber resource offers an excellent opportunity for woodlot management and long-term timber appreciation.

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