Marcia Benson Farm

West Paris, Oxford, ME
Price: $425000
Acres: 186
Type: Home & Land
Availability: Coming Soon
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Site Description


This is a residential farm and forest income property, in a rural residential setting, sitting in the village of West Paris just 25 minutes from Sunday River Ski Resort and the western mountains, and 1 hour 15 minutes from the seacoast town of Portland, Maine. The farmhouse currently provides monthly income from two apartment rentals along with a storage rental agreement. The 186+ acre forest, spanning two towns, is covered by a conservation easement and consists of a rich diversity of softwood and hardwood species that has been actively managed over time and is primed to generate revenue with responsible timberland management.


Over 1500 feet of frontage on paved town maintained roads. Access to the easement area is from town roads as well as from the adjacent farmhouse property on Main Street. A discontinued gravel road (known formerly as the RL Cummings Road) nearly bisects the northern (Woodstock) parcel, traveling from the southwestern corner up to and along the northeastern corner.

Site Description

This woodlot is almost entirely forested with close to 180 acres of manageable timberland.  A CMP utility corridor does pass through the southern half of the property. The lot is rolling to somewhat steeply-sloped with a predominately southern aspect. Soils include excessively well drained to somewhat poorly drained soils, typical of what is found in mixedwood stands in western Maine.

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