Lemon Stream Forest

Anson, Somerset County, ME
Price: $245,000
Acres: 355
Type: Multiple Uses
Availability: Sold
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Site Description


A multiple use forest featuring a scenic stretch of Lemon Stream, diverse forest species, internal trails, gentle terrain, abundant wildlife, and ample frontage on Route 148.


Lemon Stream Forest is located in Anson, Maine, about five miles west of the village on Route 148 (West Mills Road) between Skowhegan 15 minutes to the east and Farmington about 20 minutes to the west.


The tract has nearly 1.5 miles of frontage on Route 148, a paved, town-maintained road with utilities. Several former logging trails offer good internal access to nearly all corners.

Site Description

The terrain varies from nearly flat at roadside where the former homestead exists, to gently sloping downward to a floodplain along the northern edge of the parcel. Soils are well-drained on the plateau and side slopes, but quickly soften downhill where the water table appears higher in the floodplain. A cedar bog occupies nearly a quarter of the forest on the eastern side. The level, well-drained areas along Route 148 are the most suitable for building options.
A small section of Lemon Stream bisects the southwest corner, with one of its major tributaries defining part of the tract’s northern boundary. The stream is scenic in several sections with water cascading over ledges to create pools and small waterfalls.


The forest supports a mixedwood species composition of maple (hard and soft), balsam fir, cedar, white pine and miscellaneous hardwoods. The forest was thinned between 2006 to 2008, leaving about 12 cords/acre in various size classes, but predominantly in the pole to small sawlog stages.

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