Larmie Hill Forest

Stockbridge, Windsor County, VT
Price: $122,000
Acres: 78
Type: N/A
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Site Description


A special place for a camp or seasonal home, the forest is defined by its attractive views, open meadow, easily walkable terrain, and exceptionally high timber stocking.


Larmie Hill Forest sits on a hill above the White River in Stockbridge, Vermont. Flowing west to east from the Green Mountains, the White River cuts a wide swath through the Vermont Hills on its way to the Connecticut River. Route 107 follows the river from I-89 in Bethel through the town of Stockbridge to Route 100, a north-south corridor leading to the Killington and Pico ski areas to the south and Sugarbush Ski Resort to the north. Pittsfield, 10 minutes to the west, is a quintessential Vermont town that centers around a classic village green graced by a white clapboard church and a gazebo. Alternatively, Bethel lies 15 minutes to the northeast and offers a wider array of services. For all the necessities, Rutland is 40 minutes to the southwest. Boston, Massachusetts, is 2.5 hours to the southeast and Hartford, Connecticut is 2.75 hours to the south.


Larmie Hill Road is an unmaintained town road that runs through the property. It begins off Blackmer Road, a town-maintained scenic short-cut between Routes 107 and 100. Larmie Hill Road is in good condition for the first 950', to the last year-round house on the road. Then it becomes a rough woods road suitable for high-clearance, four-wheel drive vehicles.
From the last house, the road runs about 700' though the property to where an access road veers northwest. The access road leaves the property, passes by the neighbor’s camp and re-enters the property in the meadow. While the road is currently a rough ride, the base is solid. With some ditching, and additional gravel, the road will become passable for most vehicles.

Site Description

Larmie Hill Forest combines beautiful meadows and camp development with a strong timber resource. The 7.7 acres of meadow sit in the middle of the parcel from which there are local views of the neighboring mountains on the opposing side of the White River Valley. In the middle of the field is a vintage, dilapidated camper trailer. The trailer sits within the 2 acres of the property that are excluded from UVA enrollment. A new camp or seasonal house can be established in the exclusion envelope and be connected to most of the existing utilities.
The property to the north and west of the meadow generally rises to a round plateau with gentle slopes to the south. Micro-terrain is variable and includes small wet areas between the dominant drier upland sites. The white pine plantation borders the field and gives way to a predominantly hardwood forest further uphill. The south eastern portion of the property is forested with a mix of hardwoods and softwoods and is punctuated by large boulders, creating an interesting aesthetic. This section of the forest slopes gently to the south and contains the main section of the access road.


Softwood tree species dominate forest cover, holding 72% of total volume. Species composition is led by white pine, hemlock, red maple, red spruce, red pine, sugar maple and miscellaneous other associates. Most of the timber resource is mature, with diameters in the sawlog size class, and many stems in excess of 20”. Stocking levels are high (overstocked forest-wide) with total volume near 54 cords per acre (average for Vermont is 22 cords/acre).
No recent timber inventory data is available; however, based on a 2008 UVA inventory (which was not meant for valuation purposes) and field observations, Capital Timber Value (CTV) is likely close to $112,000 property wide ($1,434/acre). Volumes are roughly 16 MBF/acre and 16 cords/acre. The timber resource offers an excellent opportunity for woodlot management and short-term cash flow.

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