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Lake Willoughby Property

Westmore, Orleans County, VT
Price: $300,000
Acres: 100
Type: Multiple Uses
Availability: Sold
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Site Description


The property offers one of the finest, long views of Lake Willoughby and the surrounding State Forest lands available. Other attributes include:

· Views straight down the lake, framed by the cliffs of Mount Pisgah and Mount Hor;

· Easily accessible building site with southern exposure;

· Minutes' walk to public beach.


The property is located in the Town of Westmore, whose population is less then 400, which makes it the town with the smallest population of any town in Orleans County. However, during the summer months, its population swells from the camp owners around Lake Willoughby and the many campgrounds and local inns. 

Lake Willoughby covers 1,687 acres, has a depth of 320’ (the deepest in Vermont) and is flanked by the twin peaks of Mounts Pisgah and Hor. Public beaches are situation at each end, with miles of hiking trails through the 7,682-acre Willoughby State Forest, which the property overlooks. 

The hamlet of Westmore is on the east side of the lake and features a convenience store. Adjacent to the land is the WilloughVale Inn and Restaurant. Barton is the nearest large town, 7 miles to the west, where Exit 25 of Interstate 91 is located. Boston is about a 3-hour drive to the southeast.


Access is provided by a ±85’-wide section of land along Route 5A whose beginning is a driveway that leads to several level building sites further into the property.   The land also has a right-of-way through the adjacent cemetery, providing additional access; however, the current driveway services the property perfectly.

A Vermont Association of Snow Travelers (VAST) snowmobile trail crosses the forestland, providing direct access to this popular winter recreational trail.

Site Description

The property’s primary feature is its prominent, long view down the lake, which includes the twin peaks of Mount Pisgah and Mount Hor. The elevation at the building site is 1,300’, giving way to a view that is largely unobstructed from buildings. The land has a southern aspect, providing ideal solar heating of the land and its buildings. The building site is a few minutes’ walk from the lake’s public beach along Route 15. Behind the building site, the land is gently sloping and rises to an elevation of 1,520’. The VAST trail creates a nice hiking trail into the land during spring, summer and fall. A small stream cuts through the eastern end of the land.

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