Keeler Brook Forest

Wolcott and Hardwick, Lamoille and Caledonia County, VT
Price: $468,000
Acres: 481
Type: Timber
Availability: Sold
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Site Description


A mixedwood timberland property under a conservation easement with high volumes, diverse diameter distribution, immediate forest management options and one camp right to enhance the recreational opportunities.

Conservation Easement - The principal objective of the easement is to maintain and produce productive forest resources and products. The terms of this easement prevent subdivision and future development for housing; however, forestry and agricultural activities and construction of associated support infrastructure and/or buildings are permitted.


Keeler Brook Forest consists of two non-contiguous parcels that lie within 1,000’ of each other in the towns of Hardwick and Wolcott, Vermont. Here, at the edge of the well-known Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, populations are low and much of the land is used for forestry or agriculture.
In the area, numerous nearby small lakes and ponds, Burke Mountain Ski Resort and the local snowmobile trail network offer varied recreational opportunities. The State of Vermont’s East Hill Wildlife Management Area (1,158 acres) is adjacent to the smaller, western parcel.


Legal access to the majority of the forest is provided from frontage along two town roads. The smaller western parcel has traditionally been accessed via a temporary use agreement with adjoining landowners.

Site Description

The topography is characterized by Jeudevine Mountain in the northeastern corner of the property and Scribner Hill along the western boundary. A series of beaver ponds and associated wetlands are found between these two features along the course of Keeler Brook.


Timber data from spring 2015 collected by Fountains, and grown forward to account for summer growth, reveals volumes of 7.405 MBF/commercial acre and 20.7 cords/acre. Combined total commercial per acre volume is 35.5 cords, a figure well in excess of the regional average. Capital Timber Value (CTV) is $568,900 ($1,152/total acre), a figure well in excess of the asking price.
Hardwood species prevails (76%) with the balance held in desirable softwoods (mostly spruce/fir and pine). Species composition is dominated by the maples, spruce/fir and yellow birch with much of remaining associates consisting of desirable species such as ash, cherry and pine. Sawlog volume is dominated by the maples (35%), spruce/fir (30%), and yellow birch (15%), with the balance split by hardwood/softwood stems.

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