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Hichitee Creek Tract

Cusseta, Chattahoochee County, GA
Price: $195,112.50
Acres: 177.4 GIS
Type: Multiple Uses
Availability: Sold
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T.R. Clark
Site Description


Hichitee Creek Tract is a prime property for sale for the outdoorsman! The tract is located in a wildlife rich area of mid-west Georgia, and possesses a lake, streams and food plots!  It also provides a “clean-slate” for those who are looking for a timber investment, as the upland timber will be harvested very soon. 


Hichitee Creek Tract is located in the upper Coastal Plain of mid-west Georgia.  This is near the fall line where the coastal plain meets the piedmont.  The area around the property itself is rolling hills.

The tract is bordered by other timbered properties with two small residences on the east side.   It is located about 3 to 4 miles east of Cusseta, Georgia, a small town which provides a few options for basic goods and services. The tract is located about 5 minutes off US Hwy 280.  Columbus, GA is just about 20 minutes away and can provide ample lodging, dinning and grocery options, as well as several major hospitals.  The Columbus Airport is about 30 minutes from this property.


This tract has about 150’ of frontage along Firetower Road.  There are currently no driveway cuts on the frontage, though planned logging activity may aid in creating an access point.  It has traditionally been accessed by an unnamed road on the northeast corner that also has access to Firetower Road, where power is available.

The tract has a system of logging and wood roads suitable for a two-wheel drive vehicle with high ground clearance during dry periods.  Four-wheel drive may be needed during wet periods. There are also a few ATV trails throughout the tract.

Site Description

This tract is best suited for someone with wildlife in mind and is also attractive as a timber investment.  The terrain is rolling, with elevation ranging from 360’ above sea level (ASL) to 571’ ASL at the highest point. 

This region of Georgia is known for producing excellent sport opportunities.  Deer, turkey and hog are featured big game that use this tract and it may provide duck hunting as well. 

The tract has a 3-acre pond, perfect for fishing. It also has a system of streams, which includes the headwaters of Hichitee Creek.  Below the lake, there are a few flooded bogs that may provide some excellent duck hunting opportunity. It also has established food plots and is hunt-ready.

Upland sites available for timber production are dominated by Cowarts and Ailey soils.  These are adequate for plantations, but will favor longleaf pine.

With access to power, this property would provide opportunity for a house or cabin. There is a small clearing just south of Hichitee Creek that will provide a beautiful and secluded spot for a retreat. A woods road already provides access to this spot, so a hunting cabin would be very feasible



There is a current timber cutting contract active on this property.  After the harvest, approximately 40 acres of lowland and bottomland hardwood timber will remain – these can function as wildlife travel corridors.

There will be an estimated 125 acres of freshly harvested ground once the timber contract is completed. This fresh ground allows a “clean-slate” for a new owner to create their own vision for this property.  New roads and trails can be made for better access.  New food plots can be installed to improve the wildlife opportunities.

From a timber production standpoint, the most productive option would be to plant the harvested areas in genetically improved loblolly pine.  This process usually includes a chemical treatment to deter naturally occurring competing vegetation, then a burn, with planting during the winter months. Depending on the steps taken to prepare the tract, genetics used, and method of planting, the total cost of this process ranges from about $200 to $280/acre.

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