Hemlock Hill Forest

Charlestown, Sullivan County, NH
Price: $180,000
Acres: 228
Type: Multiple Uses
Availability: Sold
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Patrick Hackley
Site Description


Tucked in the rolling forested hills of southwestern New Hampshire, this parcel offers seclusion and abundant wildlife habitat - perfect for a recreational camp or hunting retreat, with internal trails and long-distance views.

Hemlock Hill is located in Charlestown, NH, an historic town nestled along the bank of the Connecticut River in the southwestern corner of the state. During British colonial times, the town played a prominent role in the French and Indian War. Today, Charlestown is a vibrant small town of just over 5,000 year-round residents, still graced by historic colonial homes, brick public buildings and new homes near the town center. Interstate 91 is within minutes of the village. Springfield, Massachusetts is an approximately one and a half hour drive south, while Boston is about two and a half hours away.


Access is provided by a deeded right-of-way off town-maintained Meany Road. The gravel access road extends approximately a half mile from Meany Road, across abutting landowners, to the southern parcel boundary. Once across the boundary, the road continues on just over a quarter mile to its terminus near parcel center.
The right-of-way is “for the passage of men, teams and vehicles” and does not account for the establishment of utility poles along its width. Therefore, any residential use is limited to seasonal, off-grid camp options.

Site Description

The parcel has a gently rolling topography with two modest ridges near the parcel center. There is one short but steep face near the central opening; otherwise, the ground is well-suited for continued forestry and a host of year-round recreational pursuits.
Soils are mostly well-drained with a course, gravelly composition. A chain of small beaver ponds exists, paralleling the access road in the southwest corner of the forest, and offering a pleasant visual aesthetic and an attraction for a variety of wildlife species.


The forest supports a mixed species composition of northern hardwoods, red oak, hemlock and white pine. A 2015 timber harvest has left a predominantly pole-sized diameter class (6 to 9” diameters) with relatively even distribution across the parcel. Periodic non-commercial firewood thinnings can be scheduled as needed to salvage dead or dying trees. Long term, the soils offer excellent site conditions for growing timber, particularly red oak and white pine.

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