Halibut Mountain Forest

Guildhall, Essex County, VT
Price: $72,000
Acres: 94
Type: Timber
Availability: Available
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Site Description


An affordable timberland investment with a conservation easement, featuring spruce/fir and miscellaneous hardwoods.

Conservation Easement - The easement is held by the Vermont Land Trust and restricts all development and subdivision, while providing for public recreational use of the land. This easement restricts all permanent structures, including seasonal camps. Maple sugaring operations and supporting structures are compatible with the easement. Nearly all widely acceptable forestry practices are encouraged and permitted on the property.


Halibut Mountain Forest is located in the Northeast Kingdom region of Vermont, roughly 3 miles west of the Connecticut River and the New Hampshire border. Lancaster, NH is about 8 miles to the southeast, while the small hamlet of Guildhall, VT is a similar distance to the northeast. The Northeast Kingdom region is well known for its rural, scenic and recreational attributes. Of local recreational interest is the 15,800-acre Victory Basin Wildlife Management Area, a state holding located just a few miles to the west.


Access to the property is provided by Guildhall Hill Road (also known as Lamotte Road), a Class 3 town road. The property has roughly 1,180’ of frontage along this road. Guildhall Hill Road is maintained by the town year round to within about 1 mile of the southern property boundary. The last mile to the property is a gravel road that is maintained by local landowners (this road is NOT plowed during the winter). Internal access is provided by several old logging trails that lead to all portions of the forest.

Site Description

The northern section of the property occupies the upper slopes of Halibut Mountain, while the northeastern areas of the land rise to a ridge on Sheridan Mountain. The center of the property is a bowl bordered by these two ridges. Soils leading to the ridges and mountain tops are well-drained and capable of supporting quality northern hardwoods. Drainage in the central and southwestern areas is adequate, supporting mixed species such as spruce, fir, ash, birch, maple and cedar. Topography is mostly gentle with the exception of some steep slopes leading to Halibut Mountain. Elevation varies significantly, starting at 1,600’ at the road frontage and rising to 1,900’ at the property’s northern end (close to the top of Halibut Mountain).


Timber data provided in the marketing report (report available below by a link) is based on a comprehensive and monumented timber inventory, conducted in the spring of 2015 by Fountains Forestry and grown forward to account for summer growth. The data reveals a total sawlog volume of 370 MBF International ¼” scale (3.92 MBF/commercial acre) with 1,289 pulpwood cords (13.7 cords/commercial acre). Combined total volume is 21.5 cords/commercial acre, a figure slightly above the regional average. Based on this information, stumpage values were assigned by Fountains, producing a property-wide Capital Timber Value (CTV) of $77,100 ($818/total acre).

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