Keeping up with New Properties

It's summertime! - even though the weather doesn't feel like it here in the northeast. And in the summer we typically have a regular flow of new listings. This year is no exception. Our agents have been busy evaluating properties and we have quite a few new ones that we'll be announcing in the month of June.

The first place we announce our properties is through an email. We send it to people in our database whose buying goals are similar to the attributes of the new listing. We wanted to be sure that everyone knows how to sign up for these email announcements that give you the earliest jump on new properties.

On every internal page of our website in the bottom left-hand corner is a "subscribe" button. Click on it and a fill-in form will appear. On the form, you'll share your basic contact information and the kind of property you are seeking. Once the form is submitted, you'll start receiving emails every time a property that fits your goals is released.

We don't want to inundate anyone with EVERY property announcement. That's why we ask for your criteria. If you ever change your mind about receiving the emails or your buying goals change, just let us know and we'll update our lists.

We're looking forward to sharing some exciting new properties with you. So, sign up for our announcements and be one of the first to know!