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Ellaville Heights 231-1

Ellaville, Schley County, GA
Price: $350,364
Acres: 129.35
Type: Timber
Availability: Sold
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Site Description


Ellaville Heights is a timberland property ideally suited to the buyer seeking diversified attributes that include:

  • Over 47 percent of the property is high-quality loblolly pine that was machine planted in 2010 and 2014.
  • A gently flowing creek that flows just within the east boundary of the property, surrounded by mature hardwoods.
  • Excellent road frontage on Hwy 19 north of Ellaville.
  • Excellent location on the outskirts of Ellaville, Georgia.
  • Multiple opportunities for Higher and Better Use of parts of the property along Hwy 19.
  • Good neighborhood with long-term ownership of adjoining properties.
  • High populations of quality deer and turkey providing additional opportunities for recreational hunting, or income from hunting lease.



Ellaville Heights is located just north of the historic town of Ellaville, the county seat of Schley County, Georgia. The town gets its name from the daughter of one of the first settlers of the town. Schley County is known for its excellent school system, productive farms and timberland, quiet and rural lifestyle, yet easy proximity to some of the larger cities of Albany, Columbus, and Macon. 

U.S. Highway 19 is a major North/South Highway that runs from the Florida state line at Thomasville through western Georgia through Atlanta, crossing into North Carolina near Murphy. Ellaville is approximately at the mid-point of this 4 lane highway.

For travelers seeking to avoid congested I-75 on a journey south of Atlanta, Hwy 19 provides wide-open travel through some of Georgia’s most beautiful countryside. 

Being on the outskirts of Ellaville, and in highly desirable Schley County, also adds to the property’s future potential for development. 



The property has one main, gated access road along its extensive frontage on U.S. Hwy 19. There are numerous internal roads that lead to many locations of wildlife food plots and the various stands of loblolly plantations.  There are also smaller trails that lead through the hardwood areas to Deer Creek that can be accessed by four-wheelers and ATVs.

To access the tract from Ellaville, take GA Hwy 26 to the east for approximately one-half mile. This intersects with U.S. Hwy 19 at the roundabout, and travel north on Hwy 19 for approximately one-half mile. After crossing Deer Creek, the entrance will be about 1500 feet at the location of the Fountains Land sign.


Site Description

The property has extensive frontage on both sides of U.S. Hwy 19, but most of the property is on the eastern side of 19. 

The small acreages on the western side of Hwy 19 offer opportunities for development as residential or small commercial use, provided zoning can be approved by Schley County. There is also potential for development along the upland areas on the eastern side of Hwy 19.

The entire property is almost equally divided between upland, well-drained sites that are all in 7 and 11 year old planted loblolly pine stands, and hardwood bottomlands, primarily along the banks of Deer Creek.

The hardwood areas have significant timber volumes since no harvest has occurred in those areas for over half a century, and these areas are rich in wildlife, such as whitetail deer and turkey.

The highest elevations of the property are found at the frontage on Hwy 19 and descends as the property goes into the hardwood bottoms along Deer Creek.



The property features 25.2 acres of 7-year-old planted loblolly and 36.7 acres of 11-year-old planted loblolly. These stands have vigorous growth and excellent stem counts. The remaining 68 acres are in mature hardwoods with significant merchantable timber detailed in the property report.


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