East Shore Forest

Embden, Somerset County, ME
Price: $339,000
Acres: 530
Type: Multiple Uses
Availability: Available
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Mark Rabon
Site Description


An attractive central Maine recreational property in the foothills of the western Maine Mountains with amenities including access from a paved town road and an actively managed timber resource with slopes that allow for the potential for creating exceptional views.


This multiple-use property is located just to the east of Embden Pond, an extremely clean, deep, cold water lake with a significant trout fishery.  Embden is a quiet New England town that sits in central Maine and the foothills of the western mountains. The western edge of this woodlot is 500 feet from the shoreline of Embden Pond, on East Shore Road. The eastern border is positioned just below the top of what is locally referred to as Dunbar Hill, which is centrally located just east of Embden Pond. The scenic Carrabassett Valley, home to Sugarloaf Ski Resort and Flagstaff Lake, is just a 40-minute drive away, while access to the exciting white water rafting Mecca of Maine, The Forks, is just under one hour north.


The property is accessed from two town-maintained roads: Dunbar Hill Road, which runs 3,700+ feet along the eastern boundary of the property, and East Shore Road, which is part of a perimeter road around Embden Pond. Almost 5,000 feet of frontage on East Shore Road comprises the eastern boundary of the property.  Both roads are in excellent condition and collectively provide above average access (and power) to the property. Multiple access points into the property are already established from both town roads. These have historically been used for timber management activities; therefore, the property does have well established forestry trails for management and recreational activities, including snowmobile trails.   

Site Description

Sitting just above Emden Pond, topography is gradually rolling with a northwest exposure. Elevation increases gradually from northwest to southeast along a gentle slope.  A few intermittent streams flow throughout the property during spring and fall runoff but tend to dry up during most of the summer. The only perennial water flow is associated with the tributary of Martin Stream within a mapped wetland area located in the northwestern portion of the woodlot. The forest and trails offer many opportunities for recreation including hunting, hiking, snowshoeing and snowmobiling (a club-maintained snowmobile trail runs west to east across the property providing access to Embden Pond in the winter for ice fishing). Included as part of this offering is an approved, eight-lot subdivision on East Shore Road; two of the eight lots already have a drilled well established.


The forest supports a mixed species composition of northern hardwoods, spruce, fir, hemlock and white pine. The woodlot has been managed for decades as a working forest with periodic small entries on portions of the property over time. These harvests have enhanced the attributes of vertical diversity throughout the property. Further, the woodlot has a nice mixture of pole-sized through large sawlog-sized northern hardwood and mixedwood stands.

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