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Eagle Ledge Forest

Elmore, Lamoille County, VT
Price: $685,000
Acres: 502
Type: Multiple Uses
Availability: Sold
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Site Description


The land is well suited to buyers seeking a large landscape to build a residence, enhance the existing woods trails, enjoy the land’s ledges and diverse terrain, and benefit from long-term timber value appreciation.

Property highlights include:

· End of the road location with power nearby;

· Good location - 30-minute drive to Stowe;

· Attractive streams and pond on the property;

· Interesting ledges and rock outcroppings;

· Managed timber resource with excellent value appreciation opportunity;

· Good long-term conservation value.

There is no conservation easement on this land, so the new owner can change the land to align with their ownership goals.


The land is located in the southern section of Elmore Township, in a rural, mostly forested, mountainous landscape with homes scattered primarily along the town roads.  The property is located just beyond the end of a town-maintained road, with larger and somewhat remote forestland tracts to its west, east,  south and northwest.

Morrisville, population of 2,200, is a 10-minute drive from the land and hosts all amenities, including Copley Hospital, the regional high school and all shopping needs. The towns of Montpelier, Stowe and Hardwick are all within a 30-minute drive, with Burlington, a 70-minute drive. Boston is slightly over a 3-hour drive.



Access is provided from Tallman Road; a year-round town maintained gravel road. The town road maintenance ends within roughly 500' from the property boundary, where the access road continues as a class 4 town road (unmaintained) through the land to its southern boundary. From the end of the town-maintained road, the road is drivable for +/-1,400' to a large clearing used during the 2017 forestry operations. Beyond this point, the town road is not-drivable and exists as a woods trail.

Stemming from this town road, many wood trails lead to the land's western high ground and its central landscape.  

The eastern side of the land is accessed by the Eagle Ledge Road from the northern approach, which bisects the property's eastern end. The property boundary is roughly 2,400' from a drivable section of this road, requiring considerable upgrades to allow future winter truck access for forest management to this smaller section of the land.

Site Description

In the broader landscape, much of the land sits on a plateau located between the Woodbury Mountain Range just to the east (and always in view from the land) and the Worcester Mountain Range to the west. 

The high point sits at the land's western boundary, whose elevation is 1,800'. From this point, the land generally slopes downhill for about 1.4 miles to the property's frontage on the Elmore Branch of the Lamoille River. Elevation along this river is 1,000'. East of the river, the land rises uphill to the lower slopes of the Woodbury Mountain Range.

The Elmore Branch of the Lamoille River is a year-round stream as it flows through the land and runs lazily as it crosses the level, wetland terrain, and fast with small falls as it gets closer to the boundary. There are many beaver dams along the stream, creating the only way to crosse the stream in most locations. In addition, three mountain streams run through the land, with the northern most stream creating an open water wetland pond.

Another notable land feature is the many exposed rock ledges and outcroppings located at the central section of the land. Many of these out-crops rise 70' tall creating interesting areas to hike and explore.

The land's most logical homesite sits along the Tallman Road access near a clearing created during the 2017 forestry operations. This site offers nice views of the Woodbury Mountain Range and some of the land's forested slopes.  Electric power is roughly 1,200' from this site.


The forest was inventoried in March of 2020, as part of preparing the property's management plan, with the data indicating a property-wide Capital Timber Value (CTV) of $428,000 ($908/commercial acre).

The species composition is dominated by hardwoods (87%), with softwoods holding the balance (13%). Species composition for all products combined offers a diverse mix and is led by maple and yellow birch. The species composition for the sawlog volume is lead by sugar maple (27%), with the primary other species consisting of red maple (20%), yellow birch (18%), spruce/fir (18%), white ash (10%), and common associates holding the balance.

The timber resource generally consists of three age classes, the youngest being +/-20 years (trees 3" -6" in diameter), the middle-aged class being +/-60 years (trees 8" -11") and an older age class being 85 plus years (trees 15" and greater).

The average Basal Area (BA) is 97 ft2 on 203 stems/acre. Stem quality is generally quite high, with tall, straight trees common in most areas allowing for excellent future asset appreciation from the timber resource.

The property's 2020 forest management plan delineates nine forest stands, all but two being northern hardwood types. The group selection harvests prescribed in the management plan have been conducted in 2017, covering stands 1-7. These harvested areas can be seen on the attached photo maps. However, while recently treated, the residual forest resource and all the recently created trails are quite impressive.

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