Dodge Road Forest

Elmore, Lamoille, VT
Price: $67,000
Acres: 47
Type: Multiple Uses
Availability: Sold
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Site Description


In a rural town not far from the capital city, this recreational woodlot offers gentle terrain, a developing timber resource, a scenic wetland and cabin development options.



Dodge Road Forest is in the rural town of Elmore, Vermont, known for its popular lake, mountain, and State Park of the same name, all accessible from the small village center with a classic country store. Summer homes cover the western shore of the lake and scattered valley farms, widely dispersed hillside homes and working forests define the remainder of the town.


Route 12 runs north-south through the town, providing access to the state capital of Montpelier and Interstate 89, 21 miles to the south. Six miles to the northwest are Morrisville and Routes 15 and 100. While services are few in Elmore, most needs can be fulfilled by heading north or south to one of these nearby communities. 


The property is accessed via a right-of-way off of Dodge Road. Dodge is an unmaintained, dirt road that is 1.7 miles from Route 12 via town-maintained roads. Just 0.2 miles down Dodge Road, the right-of-way begins. The property starts 165 ft down the right-of-way, which is a one-lane track suitable for high-clearance vehicles. During the winter, much of the right-of-way is a snowmobile trail.

Site Description

Dodge Road Forest is a recreational woodlot with options for hunting, establishing a seasonal camp, woodlot management and wildlife viewing. The terrain is gentle, except near the southern edge of the central wetland where it is steep and rocky. Years ago, the property was pasture and field for early settlers. Since then, the forest has naturally regenerated. Now, the entire property is forested, except for the central wetland. Here, a small section of open water is surrounded by wetland vegetation. The area is scenic and offers excellent habitat for host of mammals, bird, and insect species (dragonflies and butterflies in particular).


On the eastern edge of the property, a small plateau rises from the surrounding landscape and would make a pleasant site for a seasonal camp. This area has been excluded from the Current Use program that affects the rest of the property so building is allowed in this 2-acre zone. While secluded, the site is easily accessible from the right of way

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