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Denio Road Forest

Barnet, Caledonia County, VT
Price: $280,000
Acres: 162
Type: Timber
Availability: Sold
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Site Description


Denio Road Forest achieves its highest and best use as a long-term timber investment property, particularly in its high-quality red oak timber resource; this resource should provide a significant future return as it grows into more valuable product classes. Fully stocked stands of growing stock and sawlogs are characteristic of this property. Secondary use of the land is camp development with an established driveway close to electric power and along a fully serviced town road that ends shortly after the property.


The land is in Barnet, a Connecticut River town located in northeastern Vermont.  The small hamlet of Barnet is located 4 miles to the south, where Exit 18 of I89 is located, providing easy access to regional destinations and forest product markets.

The nearest large towns are St. Johnsbury, 25 minutes to the north, and Littleton, NH, 20 minutes to the east.

The confluence of the Passumpsic and Connecticut Rivers is 1.5 miles to the south along Comerford Dam Road.

West Lebanon, NH is an hour drive to the south, and Boston is a 2.5-hour drive.


The property sits toward the end of Denio Road, gravel, town-maintained road with electric power and phone service. Cell phone service is also available in this area and on the property. 

The land has +/-1,875’ of frontage along Denio Road. There is a short, steep slope along the frontage except for the area along the established driveway where an old landing exists. From this point, established trails cover the entire property. Beyond the driveway, the main trail leading into the land has ledge and thus is the limiting factor in creating a driveway to a potential homesite without ledge blasting.

Site Description

The property is ideally suited as a long-term timber investment property given its exceptional timber resource. However, camp development is possible from the established driveway off the town-maintained road. The potential campsite can easily be connected to the power lines along the road frontage.

The property’s terrain rises from the road frontage to a peak and ridge located about two-thirds the way out (to the north), then slopes northerly to the back boundary. Nearly all of the property holds well-drained soils with primarily southerly and westerly aspects. Slopes are variable with most areas of moderate terrain. Some steep terrain exists leading to the hilltop peak. Elevation along the road frontage is 945’ and rises to 1,345’ at the peak.

The land does not offer a good homesite, given a driveway option to a level site that is likely too steep for daily use (reducing the driveway grade would likely require ledge blasting).


The property offers an exceptional timber resource that is fully stocked with high-quality trees. Many stems are currently in the veneer quality product class,  with a high percentage of the sawlogs ready to become veneer upon additional growth.

The species are dominated by red oak, with the property’s management plan indicating red oak holding 50% of the standing volume (however, red oak likely consists of 65% of the sawlog volume). Other species include The Maples (20% of total volume), yellow birch +/-5%, hemlock 20%, with white pine and white ash holding the balance. The northwestern section of the land holds a mature hemlock stand mixed with oak and maple.

The majority of the resource consists of pole growing stock (8-11” stems) and sawlogs (12-16” stems), with an average age of +/-85 years. A light thinning last occurred about 11 years ago. The management plan calls for thinning in 2022.

Given the high quality of the timber, this resource offers an outstanding opportunity for asset appreciation as the trees shift into higher product classes over the coming 20 years.


No timber data is available at this time. However, based on field observations, capital timber value is likely close to $1,500/ac.

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