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County Line Irrigated Farm

Unadilla, Dooly County, GA
Price: $535,000
Acres: 153.25
Type: Multiple Uses
Availability: Sold
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George Peake
Site Description


County Line Irrigated Farm is a 153.25 acre farm for sale with high quality soils, a lake, and planted longleaf pines with excellent road frontage located on the county line between Dooly & Houston County, Georgia.


County Line Irrigated Farm is located 5 miles from the I-75 exit at Unadilla, Ga., and 13 miles from Perry, Ga., along the county line of Dooly and Houston Counties.

The farm is located on the northern boundary of Dooly County, which has historically been one of the leading cotton and peanut producing counties in the state of Georgia. Dooly County is also known for a multitude of diverse crop productions, including vegetables, pecans, soybeans, and corn. Also, there is a vibrant livestock industry, including cattle, hog, and poultry production.  There are multiple markets and suppliers for agricultural products in this area. Dooly County truly is the “bread basket” of the state of Georgia. Irrigated farmland of this type will typically generate from $150 to $225 per acre per year in rental income, providing a steady source of income for an investor.   

Being located only 5 minutes from I-75 and the large farmer’s markets in Atlanta and Cordele, only enhances the opportunities for markets for this farm’s production.

Also, this farm’s location adjoining Houston Co., with a vibrant and expanding population of 170,000, makes this farm attractive to those who want a profitable farm getaway outside the more populated county of Houston.



The property has nice road frontage and access from North County Line Road and Old National Hwy.  There is accessibility  to all parts of the property from both roads and a system of good internal roads. 

Boundaries are well defined by the roads on the North and East sides of the property.  The Western and Southern boundaries are defined by hedgerows between agricultural fields.  A current survey is available.


Site Description

This 153.25 acre farm is equally divided between open, irrigated fields and non-cropland, consisting of planted longleaf pines, 10 acre pond, creek bottoms, and a potential 10 acre home, or mini farm site.

The majority of the property’s soil is of high quality types that are typical of this area, and they include, Dothan sandy loam, Faceville sandy/clay loam, Tifton pebbly loam, and Orangeburg sandy/clay loam. 

The 10 acre lake is fed by a wet weather stream, with supplemental water, when needed, from either the 8 inch, or 6 inch wells. The lake is centrally located on the property and is known for being a great fishing spot by the owners and their guest. 

The 10 acre residential site has a well and septic tank, along with excellent access from Old National Highway.  There are lovely, mature hardwoods in this area, which make it ideal for a future home site. 



There are approximately 27 acres of planted longleaf pines that have good stand populations and are within a few years of first harvest/ thinning. These are planted in formally cultivated fields which were not irrigated by the three center pivots on the farm. The soils are of high quality, and easily converted back to row crop, pasture, or orchards upon the harvest of the longleaf pines. 


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