Chester Hill Forest

Chester, Hampden County, MA
Price: $139,000 (Price Adjustment!)
Acres: 151
Type: Timber
Availability: Available
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Site Description


A partially-conserved, mixed wood forest within Massachusetts' Berkshire Hills, offering well-managed timber, recreation and a 25-acre parcel suitable for a camp or secluded home site.

The Chester Hill Association holds a forestry-friendly conservation restriction (CR) on the property. The CR "allows for its proper stewardship and management for the benefit of the forest products industry, consumers of forest products, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in accordance with established best management practices and recommended guidelines." Any timber harvesting plan must be consistent with a Forest Stewardship Plan developed by a state-licensed forest.
A complete copy of the easement is available from Fountains upon request.


Chester Hill Forest is located in western Massachusetts, north of Route 20, between the West Branch and Middle Branch of the Westfield River. Chester is one of many New England villages tucked in the Bershires, a scenic region of rolling forested hills, historic homes at the edge of small fields, and numerous streams and rivers that thread their way through the countryside.


The forest is easily accessible via two paved town roads that bisect the parcel. Bromley Road and East River Road intersect at the center of the tract, providing ample access to nearly all areas of the forest.
A gravel road beginning off East River Road has been recently improved for a timber harvest by the seller. The road is drivable with an SUV and offers access to the 25-acre unencumbered parcel.

Site Description

The terrain is flat to gently sloping on the west side of Bromley Road and gradually increases in slope, with a northerly aspect, toward the east side of the parcel. With the exception of a 10-acre marsh on the west side and two small, intermittent brooks near the parcel center, nearly the entire tract is well-suited for year-round forestry activity.
The upland soils are well-drained and highly conducive to growing quality pine and mixed hardwoods, including sugar maple, white ash, and yellow and black birch.


White pine is the dominant species, followed by a strong presence of red maple and a varied mix of white ash, birch and sugar maple. Site quality is good, with trees exhibiting exceptional diameter sizes in the 20"+ range. Stocking is above average with nearly 19 cords/acre. A 2015 timber inventory reveals nearly $835/acre in timber value.

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