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Cherry Grove

Fruithurst, Cleburne County, AL
Price: $73,500
Acres: 14.68
Type: Timber
Availability: Under Agreement
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Site Description


Cherry Grove is a 14.68 acre tract providing the perfect spot to build a rural retreat or enjoy the great outdoors in the Rosewood community, bordering the peaceful serenity of the Talladega National Forest in Cleburne, County, Alabama.


Cherry Grove is in the upper Piedmont region of mid-eastern Alabama. It lies just a few miles east of the Talladega National Forest, the southernmost reaches of the Appalachian Mountains. Other timberlands immediately adjoin this property on three sides and its joined by a winery to the south.

Cherry Grove is accessible from US Hwy 78, with a 10-minute drive, and only 15 minutes from I-20. The town of Fruithurst is just 6 miles to the south of Cherry Grove. Fruithurst has a small family-owned restaurant and a Dollar General for those immediate needs.

Heflin, Alabama, and Tallapoosa, Georgia, are 12 to 13 miles from the tract. Both provide multiple dining, fuel, and grocery options. Tallapoosa also has a hotel. Bremen, Georgia, provides a hospital only 21 miles from the tract. The Talladega National Forest is just a few miles west of Cherry Grove and provides multiple recreational opportunities.

The City of Anniston in Alabama is 33 miles away and roughly 40 minutes from Cherry Grove. Anniston is a significant town in mid-east Alabama with numerous dining, grocery, and hotel options, three hospitals, and a regional airport. Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is only an hour and fifteen minutes away.


Cherry Grove has one small interior trail leading from County Road 65 to the small food plot in the center of the property. The trail itself is suitable for a 4x4. This tract boasts nearly 1140 feet of frontage along County Road 65, which is well-maintained and paved. Currently, there is one driveway cut. Power is available just a quarter mile to the south of the property.


Site Description

Cherry Grove has rolling terrain but has an excellent potential building lot for a home with a basement where the current food plot is located. Soils are well- drained and productive for timber. Elevation runs from just over 1000 feet above sea level, where the creek leaves the southern border up to about 1080 feet at its highest point. A nice perennial stream runs from north to south across the entirety of the tract adding to the overall aesthetic and ecological value. While a small tract, it attracts wildlife as it has browse present within the plantation, food plot, and a good water source provided by the creek.



Cherry Grove was inventoried for timber volume in late 2022 as part of a larger project, including other properties. As per result of that inventory, this tract currently has the following timber volumes:

Merchantable Timber Summary Table
Product Class Tons
Pine Pulpwood 33
Pine Chip-n-saw 244
Pine Sawtimber 715
Hardwood Pulpwood 127
Hardwood Sawtimber 142
Total Tons 1,261

F&W assigned product values based on recent timber sales in the region and derived a total estimated timber value of $26,000.

For timber management, there are approximately 11 total acres of 27-year-old loblolly pine plantation on this tract. This plantation has reached full financial maturity and could be harvested immediately.

Be aware that 11 acres is a small management unit in the overall scheme of forestry, but having direct paved road frontage could make this a potential attractive timber sale for loggers during wet periods when other tracts would be less accessible. If your objective is timber income, harvesting this timber soon and replacing it with another fast-growing loblolly plantation is the best option. 

If you want to enhance aesthetics and wildlife value, the loblolly plantation can be thinned and/or set on a burning regimen. Conducting a controlled burn through the plantations every two or three years will keep them open, traversable and will enhance browse available to wildlife.

While the hardwood-dominated acreage that follows the creek has marketable value, most landowners choose to leave these stands intact. Leaving them intact protects the integrity of the stream and adds diversity to the property. This tract has a good representation of white oak within this area that can provide an excellent wildlife food source (acorns) during the fall of the year.



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