Catamount Forest

Mendon, Rutland County, VT
Price: $112,000
Acres: 89
Type: Multiple Uses
Availability: Sold
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Site Description


A secluded, forested property adjacent to national forest land with camp development options and proximity to three long-distance hiking trails, two alpine resorts and the vast acreage of the Green Mountain National Forest.


Catamount Forest rests on the western slopes of the Green Mountains in central Vermont. To the east of the property, the landscape rises to the spine of the Green Mountains and, to the west, the land slopes down to the valley region around the South Bay of Lake Champlain. To the north, the Green Mountain National Forest covers over 150,000 acres of the mountainous terrain. The property is in the town of Mendon, which lies between the city of Rutland to the west and the town of Killington to the east. Boston, Massachusetts, is 3 hours to the southeast and New York City is 4.5 hours to the south.


The property has 1,650' of frontage on a Class 4 section of Old Turnpike Road. The road is a town gravel road with utilities that runs off Route 4. It is maintained by the town for the first 1.5 miles, where there are nicely-spaced homes that sit well off the road. At the end of the maintained section, there is a large snowplow turnaround and it is here that electric service stops. The unmaintained section of the road continues on as a level, well-maintained, one-lane track for 0.5 miles to the property boundary.

Site Description

Catamount Forest offers level to gentle terrain along the road frontage. Here, there are several sites where one could build an off-grid, seasonal cabin with straightforward access from the road. Beyond this area, the terrain climbs steeply to a knob in the northeast corner. There could be some scenic views from the upper slopes, with clearing. The property’s elevation starts at 1,960' above sea level at the road frontage and tops out at 2,808' at the height of land on the knob.
The entire property is forested with primarily hardwood species. The forest is mature with large towering trees shading the fern-dominated ground below. Large boulders and exposed ledge are scattered over the steep terrain and are often covered with mosses, lichens and even small trees. The overall effect is of a hidden, peaceful world far away from the demands of everyday life.
The property is next to or near three long-distance trail systems. The Catamount Trail, a north-south nordic ski trail that runs the length of the Vermont, passes right along the property road frontage. The Long Trail, a north-south hiking trail that runs from Vermont’s Canadian border to Massachusetts, is 0.5 mile from the property’s northeast corner. Finally, the Appalachian Trail, a hiking route that traverses from Georgia to Maine, crosses Route 4 just east of Pico Resort. Directly from the property, one can head north or south along the spine of the Green Mountains on the Long Trail (which coincides with the Appalachian Trail to the south) or the Catamount Trail or can head east along the Appalachian Trail on its way to New Hampshire.

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