Cary Brook Camp

Danville, Caledonia County, VT
Price: $50,000
Acres: 10
Type: Home & Land
Availability: Sold
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Site Description


Cary Brook Camp is a small but highly scenic property nestled at the confluence of two mountain brooks. One brook runs through the property and close to the cabin, while the other parallels the access road and property boundary. An open meadow with wildflowers, a mixed species forest, gentle terrain and frontage on a quiet country road make it an attractive and peaceful place to which to retreat. The cabin is rustic and unfinished, but spacious, and works well as a simple place to enjoy the surroundings.


Cary Brook Camp is in northeastern Vermont on the edge of a region known as the Northeast Kingdom. The area is a rural landscape of farms and forests that is populated primarily by small hamlets punctuated by the larger communities of Saint Johnsbury, Lyndon and Newport.

Danville is at the southern edge of the Northeast Kingdom, as easily accessible to the state capitol, Montpelier, as it is to the heart of the Kingdom. Danville has a picturesque town center with several shops and restaurants clustered around a village green.


The property has 75 feet of frontage on McDowell Road, a picturesque, gravel, town-maintained artery, and 1,000 feet of frontage on unmaintained Town Highway 29 (TH29), also known as Horn Road. From McDowell, TH29 runs 365 feet to the camp. From the camp to the northwest corner of the property, the road continues as a private woods road, providing right-of-way access to lands to the west. The access is a solid, one-lane track.

Site Description

The property is defined by Cary and Houghton Brooks, both of which originate in the hills to the west and intersect just before TH29 meets McDowell Road. Houghton Brook is just on the other side of TH29 from the property, while Cary Brook runs right through it. Both brooks are clear, rocky flows that run year-round.

Overall, the property’s terrain is a gentle slope from McDowell Road to the western boundary. On the south side of Cary Brook, terrain rises steeply for a short distance to a level plateau. Here, the forest is dominated by yellow birch and is pleasant for walking. 


The camp building is a one-and-a-half story structure constructed with a variety of materials including logs and sawn lumber. The first floor is an open living space with a kitchen area that has lower cupboards, one countertop and a sink. There are no appliances. A wood stove sits centrally in the space and serves as the heating source for the cabin. A full bath is on this floor as well. Upstairs are three spaces that are open to each other but could be more privately divided for sleeping areas. This is also the location of a small water heater.

The camp is habitable, but unfinished, on the interior. There is electric power and, presumably, a water source and septic system. However, nothing is known about the latter two systems at this time.

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