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Bushey Trust - Middlebury Village

Middlebury, Addison County, VT
Price: $397,500
Acres: 106
Type: Multiple Uses
Availability: Sold
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Thom Milke
Site Description
Special Features


The land is ideally suited to the development of a high-quality, private, year-round homestead with opportunity for development of multiple homesites:

  • 5-minute drive to Middlebury Village, one of Vermont’s most diverse and popular communities;
  • Private potential homesites with scenic views of the Green Mountain Range;
  • 24 acre level meadow, well suited to varied agricultural or livestock uses;
  • Development options within High Density Residential zoned area.


The property is located within walking distance of Middlebury’s village center, one of Vermont’s most vibrant communities. The Middlebury College campus sits at the edge of the village center and has helped shape the community’s diverse cultural and economic foundation.

Nearby is Middlebury Union High School and Mary Hogan Elementary School. The Middlebury Food Coop is located just down the road. A short walk from the land is the Trail Around Middlebury (TAM) hiking trail with the Battell and Means Woods and Chipman Hill Park. Porter Medical Center and Ralph Myhre Golf course are both a short drive from the land. 

Burlington Vermont is a 50-minute drive to the north. Killington, Vermont is about an hour's drive to the southeast.


Access is provided by 705’ of frontage along Washington Street Extension, a paved road where electric, power, and municipal sewer and water are available. Cable TV and high speed internet are also available in the immediate area. Adjacent to this road frontage is TH 12, a Class IV road that provides an additional +/-175’ of frontage. Both frontage points provide access to the land's building opportunities on the western side of the property.   

The property also has a 50’ swath of land that extends from Painter Hills Road, which provides access to the land’s large meadow and associated terrain on the east side of the property’s ridge. Trail 7 of the VAST snowmobile network runs through the eastern end of the land (this can be revoked by the new owners at any time).

Site Description

One of the property’s greatest attributes is the +/-24-acre level meadow at the land’s center. This open area provides scenic views of the Green Mountain Range to the east.

While currently used for hay production, the meadow holds various other agricultural and livestock opportunities. Several potential homesites on the western edge of the meadow or just in the woods, offer scenic vistas from a homesite while maintaining the agricultural opportunity. This area is within the Agricultural/Rural District, allowing for two family homes and other uses.

The western end of the land, along Washington Street Extension is zoned High Density Residential and likely supports the construction of two homesites.

The middle section of the land is zoned as Forest District, allowing for single family homes. It appears possible that access from Washington Street Extension allows for a possible driveway into this area to support a homesite within the wooded section of the property.

Special Features

Roughly a quarter of the property consists of open meadow, with the balance forested. The forested areas exist as a mix of maturing, high-density hardwoods and white pine with minimal undergrowth. Signs of white-tailed deer on the land is high, creating outstanding hunting opportunity, with two deer blinds established on the edge of the meadow. A small stream runs along the eastern end of the land. The +/-24-acre meadow is mowed for hay by a local farmer several times a year. Most of the land is well drained and productive. Terrain on the eastern end is level or moderately sloping, but steep leading to the stream. Terrain can become steep and rocky in some areas on the forested western end.

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